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Luxury life of hockey player Malkin and Anna Kasterova: Mansion for 1.5 million dollars, a forest with deer, a car park


The story of how a famous hockey player lives now

Anna Kasterova and Evgeni Malkin are a beautiful couple. Forward "Pittsburgh" and the TV presenter met in 2014, two years later they got married. Anna gave up her career and devoted herself to raising her son. Let's talk about how the family lives now.


How much does Malkin earn

At the moment, Evgeni Malkin receives $ 9.5 million per season on a contract with the Penguins. This is the main source of the attacker. Like any media person, advertising brings Evgeny a good income. Despite the fact that he does not have many sponsorship contracts, the big brand Nivea was able to attract him. He even posts them on his Instagram. Although Evgeny is not an active user, he has over 700 thousand followers. He has collaborated with GoPro, Frameworth, Head&Shoulders and Upper Deck at various times. The hockey player has separate agreements with the RedMachine store, which produces clothes with the Geno71 logo.

According to experts, advertising revenue is about 700 thousand dollars a year.

Malkin's total earnings: The $10 million bonus is divided into installments and paid annually, making the salary supplement $1.25 million per year. For the year, the hockey player receives about 11.5 million dollars, including advertising.


Mansion in the USA

In 2008, the striker purchased a posh mansion in the town of Sewickley, about 20 miles northwest of Pittsburgh along the Ohio River. The elite suburb of Pittsburgh is inhabited by only 4 thousand inhabitants. The mansion cost $1.5 million. Here Evgeni bought a house for his parents. It was rumored that in 2010 the attacker wanted to sell the house for $2.195 million, but for unknown reasons, he abandoned this idea.

The house is made of red brick, the room is not fenced with a high fence. It is noteworthy that there is a forest nearby, in which deer, chipmunks and skunks roam freely. The mansion has a vast territory, which is designed for sports (Evgeni loves to play basketball) and barbecue. In summer, the athlete runs here, keeping fit, and in winter, the whole family makes snowmen. 

Anna Kasterova shares: “In Pittsburgh, most of the time we spend at home. We walk through the park and the forest, cook food. My husband loves to buy fresh fish. For us, these are the most precious moments. After all, going somewhere without attention is unrealistic.

The two-story house has an attic, a kitchen with a breakfast bar, an office, a dining room, a home theater, many bedrooms and several bathrooms. A separate room is equipped for numerous awards. Malkin is a fan of the Terminator, so he installed iron copies of the hero in the forest.

Kasterova notes: “We ennobled the territory, decorated the terrace for spring and summer. And his Terminators are on guard. She begged Zhenya: “Throw out these rusty monsters! At least paint them with varnish. “No, don’t you dare touch!” Men's toys. But over time, I got used to it already.

Malkin also owns apartments in Miami and Moscow. Unfortunately, due to the long season in the NHL, he rarely visits them.


Malkin's cars

Evgeni preferred the German brand: he chose the Porsche version of the 911 Turbo S. The 3.8-liter boxer 6-cylinder turbo engine produces under 580 horsepower. The car accelerates to 100 km/h in 4 seconds and to 200 km/h in 9.9 seconds.

This car costs 12 million rubles.

In 2012, Volvo Car Russia presented Malkin with a Volvo S80 business class sedan in an exclusive Inscription version. It has a lot of chips, including an automatic braking system. This car has a 3.0 liter, 304 horsepower engine, 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Up to 100 km / h accelerates in 6.5 seconds. The car costs 2.5 million rubles.

Yevgeny also has a Mercedes and a Cadillac.

Kasterova admitted in an interview that her husband is very frugal with finances: “My husband is very careful about expenses, he is not at all wasteful. We do not keep a fleet of Ferraris. Lately, Zhenya has been taking investments responsibly.”


Love story

Anna Kasterova worked for several years on sports television, during one of the broadcasts Evgeni Malkin noticed the girl. I immediately found Anna's phone number and wrote only one message: “Anna, hello! My name is Evgeni Malkin. May I write to you sometimes? Suddenly we get some kind of friendship. Over time, friendship grew into a strong family. The couple have been together for eight years.

The affair began with simple friendly messages, discussing news and events. Soon a romantic relationship began. Evgeni courted the girl very beautifully, despite the distance between the couple.

Anna admitted: “Of course, how Zhenya courted me - I have never seen such an attitude in my life.” “Zhenya would have played on the team without Crosby, he would have been number one in world hockey.” 

On the first anniversary, he made an unusual surprise for his beloved. They called her and asked her to go down to the first floor of the entrance, where a real tiger with a poster “We are one year old” was waiting for her. The tiger was not chosen by chance: Kasterova is fond of astrology, and Zhenya was born in the year of the Tiger. She also affectionately calls him Tiger.

Evgeni Malkin offered to move overseas, but the girl hesitated for a long time, because she did not want to quit her favorite job. When the Russia 2 TV channel closed, the girl decided to accept her lover's offer.

In 2016, the couple had a son, Nikita. The son grows up as a family favorite, the happy dad spends all his free time with the heir.

Evgeni is extremely happy about the appearance of a child: “I was lucky to meet my man who gave me a child. Anya does a lot so that I can play and train even better. Our family is my rear, mutual assistance. I am very grateful to my wife for everything she does for me and my son.”


The boy has already started training in hockey. However, Anna stated:

“As loving and supportive parents, we will let him choose. Of course, I dream of a good education, as it is important. We also live in two countries, I would like him to speak both English and Russian, and also to be fluent in grammar. I already work with him, and for his age he knows a lot. Do I dream that he will follow in his father's footsteps? Hard to say. How many dynasties I know, I don’t remember that children once outdid their successful parents. Especially an athlete with a worldwide reputation, like Malkin. I would not want Nikita to be in the shadow of his father, to feel pressure. Of course, everything happens in life. It’s real, but definitely not easy.”


The couple got married in New York. The girl admitted this: “Yes, we really registered our relationship with Evgeni. We decided to tie the knot in America, and play the wedding later. The country has not yet been decided. Not before."

Now the boy has another hobby - fishing. In addition to hockey, Nikita is drawn to basketball. He even has a dream - to throw like Michael Jordan. Young parents try to help make dreams come true, so they gave him a basketball autographed by an idol.


Anna plunged into raising her son. Helps in learning: studies a lot of children's literature and draws up a program for the child.



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