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Ovechkin will move to the luxury hotel during the playoffs. The main feature is the rooftop pool


The National Hockey League continues to prepare for the season's restart.

The schedule for the coming months seems to have been finally approved, if in a pandemic it is generally possible to talk about something with absolute certainty.

July 24 - hockey players fly to cities that will host all playoff matches from 24 teams (Toronto and Edmonton)

July 25 - exhibition matches start

July 30 - play-out start

August 9 - start of the first playoff round.

August 23 - the start of the second round of the playoffs.

September 6 - the start of the conference finals.

September 20 - the start of the Stanley Cup final.

October 2 - a possible 7th Stanley Cup match

The names of the hotels where the teams will live during the playoffs have become known the day before. The first thing that catches your eye is that the principal rivals Washington and Pittsburgh will share one hotel. In North America, they immediately remembered the gorgeous promo for "Winter Classics - 2007". According to the plot of this video, Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby just lived in the same hotel, and the Russian ordered a bunch of food into the room, posing as the name of his main competitor.

What is this “Hotel X”, in which the main Russian star will spend from several weeks to several months? The hotel was built in 2018, and its main attraction, which is primarily mentioned in any description, is the rooftop pool. Ovi will be able to relax there after tough matches, however, the NHL clearly regulates the number of people who can simultaneously enjoy water procedures. Perhaps Alexander the Great will have to wait in line.


Hockey players will be accommodated one by one - a star of Ovechkin's level will surely get a suite. Its cost is 405 Canadian dollars per day. As a bonus to our standard amenities, some rooms offer great views of Lake Ontario.

If Washington makes it to the Stanley Cup final, and it stretches for seven matches, then Ovechkin will have to spend 70 days in hotels (first in Toronto, then in Edmonton). We take as a basis the price of 21,000 rubles per day and with the help of simple mathematical actions we understand that the safety of a Russian sniper will cost the league 1.5 million rubles.

How much will the NHL spend on housing for all hockey players? Let the team of Gary Bettman do these calculations, which is unlikely to be interested in the amount in rubles. It remains to look at a small gallery and make sure that Hotel X has everything for the ideal accommodation of the world's best hockey players. They are expected in Toronto and Edmonton in 2 weeks.


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