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Anastasia Reshetova: "In High School, I was called a "horse" and beaten"

Анастасия Решетова

Anastasia Reshetova Choker, Alexander Arutyunov; Bustier, Yakubowitch; Fur coat, Gutseriev & Maximova

It's hard to believe, but in high school Nastya was not popular and didn't get bouquets from the fans. Classmates picked on her saying "horse" and "giraffe", and three somehow even beat Reshetova - they must be at odds about something. "I came home, coated bruises with foundation, put on a hood and decided not to tell anyone." Strong and independent. This remains today: "I hate complaining to someone, I think it's humiliating."

She is one of those who are called "easy on the rise": "Yes, of course, I allow you to refer to me as "you", so it will be super, - says Nastya and orders a salad of shrimps and avocado in the" Coffeemania ": - I adore them here. But most of all I like coffee with almond milk and sesame - this is my main weakness, which I can never deny myself. "

Анастасия Решетова

Anastasia Reshetova Veil, hoodie, Alexander Arutyunov

And yet a year ago she was a vegetarian and rawfoodist (this is when you eat only those products that were not subjected to heat treatment) and was afraid to gain even a gram. With a height of 178 cm, she weighed only 52 kg ("I did not have any fat or muscle"), and then I decided: it is necessary to change something. Today Nastya weighs about 60 kg, and her diet consists of products rich in polyunsaturated fats (Omega-3, Omega-6): "I eat a lot of salmon, avocado and nuts - it's very useful for women's skin and health in general."

Nastya's followers on Instagram liked her alterations in appearance: "What a feminine!", "Well done, that got better," "Keep it up!", And there are more racy photos on her Instagram. But Father of Reshetova is a military man, and he does not agree with us. "My dad is tough. He follows my life in social networks and is very unhappy with it: first a deep decollete, then a photo with a cigar and a bottle. In general, I smoke only hookah and do not drink, but does anyone care about this? True, time has a way of setting things in order, and he tries to put up with the idea that this is just an image. "

Anastasia Reshetova Ring, Raff house

When Reshetova and her sister Valya (19) were very small, their parents divorced, and the girls stayed with their father. And yes, they were brought up really strictly: get up at 6 a.m, exercise, school, wet cleaning and dishwashing at home, so that both sisters today are enviable brides. True, there is one "but": this lifestyle is not for Nastya. By the age of 17 she was tired of wet cleaning and Papa's pressure, and she went wild"skipping school, falling in love and rebelling."

"I just said goodbye," recalls Nastya. "At first, my boyfriend, with whom I met then, helped me, and after the Miss Russia competition (she became Russia's first vice-miss in 2014 - Ed.), She started earning money herself."

Анастасия Решетова

Anastasia Reshetova Dress and corset, Alexander Arutyunov

A few years ago she met a man of her dreams, and they started having affair. "I see no point in talking about what everyone already knows," smiles Nastya. - I want my relations to be hidden from prying eyes. I do not want other people's words to have any effect on my personal life. So I can keep the relationship, and spend less nerves. "

But personal life is much more than boyfriends, there are also friends. One of the closest friends of Nastya is Timati's brother (33) Artem Yunusov (30) and other guys from Blackstar inc. "They know what they are doing, and I think that this is one of the best and most successful teams in our country. They really built their empire from scratch, and this absolutely deserves respect. "

Анастасия Решетова

Anastasia Reshetova Veil, hoodie, boots, Alexander Arutyunov

Actually, Nastya also owes her popularity to Blackstar - she still starred in Timati's two clips: "The Keys from Paradise" and "Zero". Since then, she has fans falling over her.. And they write  not only good: "To be honest, to me all this negative for fun. It seems to me that this is a great indicator of success. If you are not discussed or condemned, you are nothing, you are boring, - says Nastya. - sometimes I even respond to all kinds of crappy comments. They'll talk trash about me, and I'll tell them: "You're very beautiful," for example, and a kiss. "

Write about everything: both about appearance, and about style (most often compare with Kim Kardashian (36)), and about Reshetova's business. Last year, Reshetova opened the beauty clinic Anatomia Beauty Clinic (where, by the way, highly qualified professionals work, and for the procedures take ridiculous money) and very soon launches a brand of clothing (or rather, a line of vintage hand-painted jackets). Reshetova slso wrote a book - it's not about family dramas, like Olga Buzova's (31), but about beauty, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Анастасия Решетова

Anastasia Reshetova Dress, Annette Hoffmann

Some other celebrities were sceptical about Reshetova's book. Alexei Chumakov (36), for example, said: "I do not understand this. It seems to me that what she writes is not interesting at all". Nastya was tactfully silent and did not respond to the attacks. And when I asked if she was afraid that writing books in our time is a bit "dangerous", and reminded her that Chumakov had recently done the same thing, Reshetova looked at me questioningly: "Chumakov? Who was that guy? Is this someone who recently said something about me? "

For her, the opinion of relatives is much more important. The Nastya's boyfriend, for example, supports absolutely everything that concerns creativity, business and even style: "He really likes how I dress." And there is a little sister next to her: "She is my soulmate! We see each other twice a week, and she helps me to do jackets, Valya is very creative. I had a sad experience with my friends, so my sister is the only one who never betrays. After all, blood is not water. It does not matter if I have money or not, Nastyukha or Anastasia Reshetova, she will always love me, she is my family. "

Anastasia Reshetova Pants, Annapasser; Top bustier, Yakubowitch

Nastya does not yet want to create a family of your own - she says she does not want to hurry things up. Recalling her previous relationship, she says: "I'm only 21 years old. I do not think I could have had any serious and long-term relationship before that. I generally quite easily let people out of my life. " However, about the fact that she has nothing to teach her children, Reshetova is cunning: "I never had any rotten thoughts in my head: anger, envy, aggression. And I'm very proud of this, by the way. "



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