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Stripper cake and prom dress: how Anastasia Reshetova celebrated her 26th birthday



Stripper cake and prom dress: how Anastasia Reshetova celebrated her 26th birthday

26-year-old Anastasia Reshetova showed off how she celebrated her birthday. The model received congratulations from 38-year-old Timati (Timur Yunusov). The titled beauty was presented with a themed cake.

"First Vice-Miss Russia - 2014" celebrated her 26th birthday with her family. Anastasia chose a stylish and discreet look. She made a make-up with an emphasis on the eyes and nude lipstick. 

The Timati's ex-girlfriend tried on an elegant tight-fitting dress with a black top and a white skirt. The outfit emphasized the slender figure of Anastasia and focused on her waist.


Anastasia tried on an elegant look,

The model also showed a birthday cake made in her honor. The main treat of the holiday was decorated in the style of the lingerie brand created by Reshetova - Geisha. The treat was made of three tiers, which were covered with black glaze. Candles decorated the first and last tiers.


A provocative cake was prepared for the model A provocative cake was prepared for the model,

The mother of little Ratmir was pleased with the treat. “Here is a surprise cake prepared for me yesterday,” she said.

Tables were set according to the same color scheme. Black tablecloths, crockery and napkins were paired with white chairs and red velvet interiors.


Decoration of the hall at Anastasia's party Decoration of the hall at Anastasia's party,

Timati congratulated the former life partner on her holiday. He posted a photo of Anastasia. The TV presenter posed in a shirt, sitting comfortably on the couch. Pets of the stars lay down next to Reshetova: exotic cats of the Chausie, Caracat and Bengal breeds. The instadiva's face was completely natural, and her hair was loose. “Happy birthday,” Timur wrote. The titled beauty was surprised at such a congratulation. She featured it in her stories.

She was also approached by her best friend, the singer Nazima. The actress posted photos in which she hugs Anastasia. Popular girls posed in total black evening outfits. In early January, Nazima Zhanibekova became a hostage to unrest in Kazakhstan. 


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