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The "Bachelor" winner and rumored Neymar's girlfriend: what do we know about Katerina Safarova



Timati chose the winner of the show "Bachelor": what do we know about Katerina Safarova

Last weekend, the final of the show "The Bachelor " took place , the protagonist of which was 37-year-old Timati . By the end of the project, the rapper left two of his favorite girls - 22-year-old models Alisa Grabovaya and Katerina Safarova. As a result, Katerina became the winner of the eighth season of the project: it was her on the roof of one of Dubai's skyscrapers that Timati presented a white gold diamond ring worth 300 thousand dollars. We have collected interesting facts about the winner of the show, who a few years ago was credited with an affair with one of the best football players in the world, Neymar.

After the final release was aired, Katerina Safarova had already managed to share her emotions from participating in the show on her Instagram. The girl posted a picture in which she poses in a wedding dress with Timati, and told how the project and meeting with the rapper changed her life.


Katerina Safarova and Timati

Katerina admitted that last summer she told her sister that she wants some changes, interesting adventures, acquaintances and vivid emotions. A week passed, and her sister invited Katerina to be cast on the show "The Bachelor". At that time, Safarova knew little about the rapper: only that he "sings well" and "cute".

After my sister Zhenya introduced me to the matter, I thought: "Why not?" We always learn from others, and I was sure that meeting Timur would be at least an interesting experience for me. And where else would we meet? We live in different countries. When I first saw Timur, I could not even imagine that everything would turn out like this for us. I am grateful to you for all the emotions, for this experience that I received next to you, for the fact that you entrusted me with the most intimate, opened yourself up and just made me as a happy woman! You are extraordinary, special, charismatic and, despite your brutality and severity, madly sensual. Thanks to the project "Bachelor" for the fact that you appeared in my life, - thanked Timati 

Katerina did not specify whether their relationship with the rapper continued outside the project. Timati himself also remains silent on this topic for the time being.

Katerina Safarova

By the way, Katerina Safarova, like the other finalist Alisa, joined the project a little later than the main participants. The girl appeared on the show as a surprise from the organizers after the rapper held another rose ceremony. Timati immediately began to single out Katerina and actively invite her out on dates, but shortly before the finale he unexpectedly sent her home. Soon the rapper changed his mind and returned Safarova to the project, and then completely made her the winner of the show. By the way, for a long time the favorite of the season was not Katya at all, but model and blogger Maria Weber. Many viewers noted her external resemblance to Timati's former lover Anastasia Reshetova, and some of the participants, after their departure, admitted that they considered Masha the most suitable party for a bachelor. However, shortly before the final of the show, Timati made an unexpected decision to say goodbye to Weber. Until the last moment, many viewers thought that Masha would return to the show, but this never happened.


Katerina Safarova

We have collected some interesting facts about the rapper's new darling Katerina Safarova

1.Katerina Safarova was born in Moscow, but has lived most of her life in Spain. The girl emigrated to Barcelona as a child with her parents.

2.Katerina is fluent in Spanish and is studying at the British University at the Faculty of Business.


Katerina Safarova

3.In her free time, Katerina moonlights as a model. In her piggy bank there is already a shooting for the Russian Elle.

4.Safarova loves sports. She plays tennis, boxing and fitness, and also trains others. The girl even developed and launched her own online fitness courses. Katerina Safarova

5.With a height of 167 centimeters, Katerina weighs 50 kilograms.

6.The girl does not hide that her lush breasts are the result of the work of plastic surgeons.


Katerina Safarova

7.There are rumors in the press that in 2019 Katerina met with a Brazilian footballer and one of the best players in the world, Neymar. It was rumored that the girl often flew to the athlete in Paris, and also periodically attended his games. At the same time, no official confirmation of their romance appeared. Katya herself claims that she and Neymar are just friends.


Katerina Safarova and Neymar

8.Prior to the Bachelor project, Safarova participated in the Spanish reality show The Island of Temptations, which aired in January 2020. Katerina Safarova

9.Katerina Safarova loves to travel the world. The girl often visits New York, Rome and Paris, and one of her favorite cities in Europe is Amsterdam.

10.After Katerina's participation in the "Bachelor" project, her popularity in social networks has noticeably increased. At the moment, 1.5 million people have already subscribed to her Instagram account. The girl also runs TikTok: there are about 148 thousand users following her so far. 








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