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Timati gave the winner of the "Bachelor" a ring for 300 thousand dollars



The musician admitted that he managed to fall in love during the filming of the eighth season of romantic reality.

On March 14, the eighth season of the romantic reality show "The Bachelor " starts on the TNT channel . The hero of the show, as you know, will be rapper Timati . The filming of the project started back in November 2020 in Dubai, and then the musician met with the participants who claimed his heart.

So, today it became known that Timati presented the winner of the reality with a ring worth 300 thousand dollars. Moreover, the jewelry is striking in its luxury - it is made of white gold and decorated with a scattering of diamonds.


Back in mid-January, Timati showed off how he chooses jewelry

As it became known, during the filming of the project, Timati managed to fall in love with the finalist, so he chose such a gorgeous gift. However, the rapper did not deprive other participants of the "Bachelor" with his attention. According to StarHit , Timati gave the girls huge bouquets and invited them on dates to the most luxurious restaurants in Dubai. It is noteworthy that at the same time as the musician was trying to find himself a new lover, in the UAE, not far from Timati himself, his ex-lover and the mother of his son Anastasia Reshetova was on holidays... The model then sparked rumors about her new romance, constantly posting photos of luxurious bouquets that she received as a gift in her microblog on Instagram. Then there were rumors that Reshetova and Timati were reunited again, or did not diverge at all. However, these speculations have not received any confirmation.


Anastasia Reshetova during her vacation in Dubai

Recall that Timati and Anastasia Reshetova have been together since 2015. The model, by the way, was blamed for the performer's break with his previous lover Alena Shishkova , who also gave birth to a child from him - daughter Alice. In October 2019, Timati became a father for the second time when Reshetova gave him a son. The boy was named Ratmir in honor of the rapper's deceased friend. In September last year, the couple announced their separation, and a month later it became known about Timati's participation in the "Bachelor". Even then, there were rumors that after the end of the season, the ex-lovers might get back together.

However, these speculations were immediately refuted by Anastasia Reshetova herself in the Stories section of her microblog on Instagram: “As much as it would be a pity that my son would grow up without a father by his side, but after“ The Bachelor ”I am not going to agree with anyone. I have my own principles and vision of how a family should exist. Reality shows don't fit in there.


Timati and Anastasia Reshetova with their son Ratmir

We add that so far the names of only two participants in the eighth season of "The Bachelor" are known. They are Daria Pogadaeva and Maria Weber . Both girls, like Timati's previous lovers, work in the modeling business. The identities of the rest of the participants in the romantic reality will be revealed on March 14th.



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