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Why Timati gave a 4-year-old daughter luxury diamond ring



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34-year-old Timati loves to spoil his daughter Alice. However, this time the gift of a generous father surprised many. 

On June 30, the mother of the musician Simona Yunusova posted a video on her Instagram, in which Timati is seen giving ring his four-year-old daughter Alice. The rapper gave baby a ring with big yellow heart-shaped diamond, having preliminarily fitted the decoration to the size. 

"Probably father loves me very much", wrote Alisa's grandmother. At the end of the video Timati ordered his daughter to let her ring the mother, if she asks. Most of Simona's followers admired Timati's gesture. And some suggested that this ring once belonged to Anastasia Reshetova, but after parting with the model (and the web users are sure that it is so), the performer gave the adornment to his daughter.

Fans of the star, who noticed the video from a children's holiday on Instagram, decided that it was a diamond.

Timati's only child Alice who the other day turned four years old has always been the apple of rapper's eye.

The most attentive audience noted that before putting the ring on his daughter's finger, Timati squeezed it in his fingers to reduce the size. 

In the video, the rapper reports that the ring had to be adjusted to fit, and also asks Alice to let her mother Alena Shishkova, wear it if she wants to.

Some Timati's fans concluded that the ring was originally intended for his girlfriend, the model Anastasia Reshetova. Recently there were rumors that the lovers had parted. However, later Anastasia refuted this information. However, basically the followers noted that the rapper is a very touching father: "What a fine fellow, Timur, you are a worthy man, your girl will always be under your protection, so the girl should grow up", "Such a hammer!", "How touching" "How is this cute, straight tears of joy. You become so sentimental"," Timur is so good! Constantly takes care of his daughter! Och is pleasant to watch "," Warm relations of the father with the daughter, it's nice to watch! Health and happiness to your family! "," Chic example !!!! "

Rumors about the parting of Timati and Anastasia Reshetova have been circulating for some time. It looks like there will not be a wedding.



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