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Reshetova returned wedding rings from Timati


The model told why she again wears jewelry on the ring finger.

Anastasia Reshetova showed щаа a photo on the Web in which she demonstrates special jewelry on “that very finger”. This provoked the emergence of rumors that she had resumed relations with Timati.

Many have taken the return of the wedding rings to their place as a sign that the rapper has returned to his son's mother. The fans decided that the artist faked parting with his beloved in order to raise the rating of the show "The Bachelor", of which he became the main character. Fans are very hopeful for this development of events, but there is no real reason to wait for the couple to reunite yet.

Reshetova has already denied reports of reconciliation with the ex-boyfriend. It turned out that the businesswoman put rings on the ring finger of her right hand because of problems with edema. “It's just that the middle finger is swollen,” she disappointed fans with her response.

The fatal brunette is now on holidays with the one-year-old Ratmir in an exotic country. Timati also spends his days under the scorching sun, but in a completely different place. Together with his daughter from a relationship with Alena Shishkova, he is resting in the Maldives.

As for the breakup of the pair, everything is very vague here. Reshetova assures everyone that their parting happened by mutual agreement. She recently publicly interceded for her ex-mother-in-law Simona Yunusova. It is her audience that blames lovers for the sudden end of the story. Anastasia assures that Timati's mother did not play a decisive role in the end of their romance.







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