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Football player Neymar declassified an affair with a Russian model


The famous Brazilian footballer has unveiled a new affair. His beloved is indeed a Russian girl, 21-year-old model Katerina Safarova. For a long time they portrayed tender friendship, but there was something more between them.

“I know they've been together for some time. They pretended to be friends, but everyone knew they were having an affair. Katya even went to his birthday party in Paris, ”says an insider.

Katerina was seen many times at the PSG team match, for which Neymar plays. In addition, joint photos with him regularly appear on her social network page and calls the athlete love. What kind of friendship is this?

What is known about Safarova? The girl is a participant in the Spanish reality show "Island of Temptations" (Isla de las Tentaciones), which first aired a few days ago.

“Katerina loves to be in the public eye, and I have seen her many times in the company of famous and wealthy people,” continues the anonymous author. “She has been“ hunting ”Neymar for a long time and now, apparently, has achieved her goal.”

After Neymar broke up with Brazilian actress and model Bruna Marchesini, the enviable bachelor's heart was free for a long time. As reported by The Sun with reference to the Spanish Cazamariposas, the Russian model Katerina Safarova managed to fix the situation. Over the past year, the girl has been seen more than once at football stadiums, where she supported Neymar, she was also among those invited to a party on his birthday and often hung out with his company in Barcelona clubs.

In public, they pretended to be just friends, but everyone knew that they were having an affair, - a friend of a football player passed a couple. At the same time, informed sources claim that Katerina fundamentally chose places for publication where she could meet celebrities, thus trying to integrate into certain strata of society in the Catalan capital.


Katerina Safarova and Neymar

Katerina Safarova is 21 years old, she has a contract with the Singapore modeling agency NU Models, but she spends most of her time in Barcelona. She became famous after taking part in the Spanish reality show "Island of Temptations". As fans of Neymar note, Katerina has a strong external resemblance to his ex, Bruna Marchesini, with whom he met since 2012 and broke up three times before finally breaking off the relationship in the fourth. We also note that Neymar is raising his son David Lucca - the football player became a father at the age of 19. 

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