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It's all about Neymar! The reason for the separation of Katya Safarova and Timati has become known


Timati flew off to rest and publishes a photo from a huge ship, and his beloved Katya Safarova is hanging out in Ibiza at this time and has no plans to return to her boyfriend. While there has been talk of the couple breaking up lately, there is even an alleged reason why it happened!

It turns out that in this case involved Neymar, with whom Kate had met before. True, she herself says that she and the football player only spent time together in a friendly way. But Timati was not at all jealous of her athlete. The situation is more neglected.

Neymar pays Katya Safarova for meeting him. They say that one joint exit of a couple costs Neymar about ten thousand euros (he can afford it!). It isn't known what exactly they do, where and how often such "dates" of Katya and Neymar take place . However, the adult man Timati did not like such games of the winner of the "Bachelor", and he decided to break off the relationship.

By the way, apparently, Katya also lost her friend - Adele . The fact is that the girls stopped communicating after the publication of all this information. In addition, Adele seems to have sided with Timati , with whom she has been spending a lot of time at public parties lately.

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