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Timati goes public with the winner of "The Bachelor" Katerina Safarova



Timati goes public with the winner of "The Bachelor" Katerina Safarova. Today the Muz-TV Prize is taking place in Moscow - a grandiose event that seems to have gathered all the stars of show business. Ksenia Sobchak , Nastya Ivleeva, Danya Milokhin, Alsou.

37-year-old Timati appeared not alone, but together with Katerina Safarova - the girl he chose in the final of the show " Bachelor " and gave her a luxurious ring worth 300 thousand dollars.


Katerina Safarova and Timati


Katerina Safarova and Timati


Katerina Safarova and Timati Katerina Safarova and Timati

The Muz-TV channel, which published a video of a couple posing on the red carpet, called Katerina "Timati's beloved", but the fans still doubt that the couple's relationship is real, and not created solely for the sake of hype.

Timur himself (the rapper's real name) is very vague about his relationship with a girl ("I'm very lucky with you") and calls her cheerful, light, beautiful - but not "beloved." 22-year-old Katerina is also careful in wording, but told reporters that she had already met Timati's relatives .

In general, while those who are interested have more questions than answers.


Katerina Safarova and Timati


Katerina Safarova

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