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Alex Sparrow started an affair with a model

Alex Sparrow and model Alla Berger are together? - The latest news about the couple after the project “The Bachelor 4". Yesterday's release of "The Bachelor 4", which was the last in this season, struck everyone - fans of the show, and even those who watched it only occasionally. The bachelor Alex Sparrow made a choice, but it was the strange choice one would have expected him to make. Fans of the singer did understand the reasons for that. This information has already appeared on the web.

The show ended unbelievable - not one of the girls had received the diamond ring from Alex Sparrow. It wasn't an accident. When model Alla Berger left the project, it was a move that surprised many. Alex Sparrow and Alla Berger have developed relations, and then it was accidently over. Viewers didn't trust it. In order to spare his beloved, Alex decided to just put her out of show a little earlier. There were only two girls, Natalia and Jana who were left holding the bag.

Rumors of novel of bachelor Alex Sparrow with a model are spreading very fast. Everyone knows that Alla and Alex had better relationship than what Alex and other girls had. She was the first girl on a project Alex kissed, that already suggests certain thoughts. But Alex even didn’t have a good excuse, why she left.

The most important proof of their love is a wedding ring on the finger of Alla. Recently, she posted a photo, where she was sitting with her girlfriend, and everybody could see the ring with a huge diamond on her finger. Also, Alla uploaded photos of herself in a wedding dress. She signed them ambiguously, saying "so I'll be at my wedding like this." By the way, after the finals, she didn’t delete the post on Instagram. There is not a single hint. She just wished Alex happiness. Maybe this is just a mystery?

Alla Berger - participant of "The Bachelor" Season 4 TNT

She was born on 31 January 1995 in Tver. Height 166 cm, weight 40 kg. Waist - 59 cm, hips - 78 cm, chest -. 97 cm. She lives in Moscow and works as a model. Note that Alla is involved in a rather candid photoshoot. At the same time, we note that Alla, surprisingly, does not feel beautiful and sexy. With the help of books on psychology she tries to love herself and accept her body like that. As she says, she has a problem with self-esteem.

Alla has a tattoos, which are hidden on the legs - one of them is a garter with a red bow.

When Alex Sparrow first saw her he said that he had a cosmic beauty.

- What did you feel when you first saw Alex Sparrow?

- I remember that we went to the car and discussed who it will be. There were different assumptions – Danila Kozlovsky, Egor Kreed, T-Killah ... But then I went out and saw Alex Sparrow, I was in some state of shock and was joyful because it was nice that he would be our "Bach". When I approached him, I was wildly embarrassed, because I understood who it was ... Before the project I saw him, but I will not say that I was a fan. When we met, I do not know how to explain it ... maybe some kind of spark between us ran. And then, when I started to talk with him, already knew what he is...

- And what he is - Alex Sparrow?

I do not think I could fully understand. But I trusted this man. He did not play with us, he was worried. I saw him the other person, not an actor, but a man who is ready to change his life.

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