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Who is Julia Samoilova? Russia Eurovision Song Contest 2017 star singing ‘Flame Is Burning’

The first channel completed the internal competitive selection of performers and compositions for participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and decided on the choice - Russia in Kiev will be represented by Julia Samoilova, whose performance of the song about love "Flame Is Burning" made the strongest impression.

Directorate of Channel One has already commented on this news:

"Julia is an original singer, charming girl and experienced contestant. A musical career requires tremendous emotional and physical tension, which few people can shoulder. I'm delighted with the successes that Julia is making on this path", - said the producer and head of the Russian delegation at the contest Yuri Aksyuta.

Yulia Samoilova 

Julia Samoilova was born on April 7, 1989 in the city of Ukhta. Singer, composer, author of words for songs. She won many times and became a laureate of various musical competitions and festivals, both in Russia and abroad. Finalist of the music project "Factor A" (2nd place, 2013, channel "Russia 1").

Yulia Samoilova with boyfriend Alexey Taran

The winner of "The Golden Star of Alla" (Alla Pugacheva Prize) award. She was a participant of the solemn ceremony of opening the Winter Paralympic Games in 2014 in Sochi, where she sang the song "Together". Julia since childhood moves on a wheelchair and has the 1st group of disability. Julia's mother made her love music. Julia always sensibly evaluates her steps, does not accept pity in her address and lives a full life. (Source: the site of the First Channel).

Yulia Samoilova

The singer Yulia Samoilova will represent Russia at the international song contest "Eurovision-2017", which will be held this year in Ukraine, reported on the First Channel on Sunday.

Alla Pugacheva and Yulia Samoilova

The first channel showed the song "Flame Is Burning" in English. Leonid Gutkin became the author of music and lyrics. He wrote songs for the previous Eurovision Song Contest contestants - Polina Gagarina and Dina Garipova. 

"My God, you know, I've worked long enough for this moment", - the girl said. - I watched Eurovision with my parents and thought that someday I would be on this stage. When I spoke at the opening of the Paralympic Games, the First Channel noticed me.

What is your song about, what do you want to convey to European audiences?

This song is about me, about what I say in every interview. You must always go to your dream, you need to burn, have a good heart inside, and then you will light the way to yourself and your loved ones. 

You have already started preparing for the contest, maybe you will reveal the details of the performance?

We just started rehearsals, so I can not speak about it. I attend daily classes with the teacher on vocals and in English.

Many people were against Russia performing at Eurovision this year. How do you think, how will Russian delegation be received in Kiev?

I do not even think about it, it does not matter to me. I'm out of politics, I'm just happy that my dream came true. 



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