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Sister of Eurovision participant from Russia Julia Samoilova starred in Playboy

Recently it became known that model Oxana Samoylova and Eurovision participant from Russia Julia Samoilova are not just namesakes.

The girls have blood ties. It happens that both became known in the world of show business. Only one thanks to her figure and marriage with a famous rapper, and the other due to her musical talent.

Rapper Dzigan's wife Oxana Samoylova is the sister of Julia Samoilova

Julia told that she never concealed her relationship, but she did not see any reason to advertise it either. But it's amazing that Oxana did not react to her sister's participation in such a contest. But she could wish her good luck on the social network. The singer, who will represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest, is a relative of Oxana Samoylova - the wife of rapper Dzigan, model and a blogger with 5.1 million subscribers on Instagram.

When it became known that Julia Samoilova will represent the country at Eurovision, journalists learned many interesting facts from the life of the singer. It turned out that Julia is a cousin of Oxana Samoylova - the wife of Black Star singer Dzigan.

It is also known that the couple came to support Julia during her performance at the talent show "Factor A", where she took second place. 

Oxana Samoylova is not just the wife of rapper Dzigan and a blogger with 5.1 million subscribers on Instagram. She is also a fitness guru, and the owner of a clothing store. Oxana, like her cousin Julia, was born in Ukhta. After school she entered the local university. She dropped out of university her junior year and decided to conquer Moscow.

Having her appearance improved, Oxana acquired certain data in order to be popular with men and participate in photo sessions for men's magazines.

After a couple of years of life in the capital, the girl met rapper Dzigan - they met in the famous club "Soho rooms".

In 2011, they welcomed their first daughter, Ariela. In 2014, Oxana gave birth to the second daughter, Leia. Now Oksana is expecting her third child.

We found just one joint photo of cousins ​on Instagram

Together with her friend Oxana opened the brand of fashionable clothes "Mira Cesar". Many fans saw a certain similarity of the clothes produced by the girls with what is sold on the Chinese website AliExpress.

Also, 28-year-old Oxana offers an individual fitness program for improving the figure.

By the way, about earnings. The family is not hurting for cash - a Bentley car, a two-story penthouse in the center of Moscow, a country house. Apparently, now the incomes of the rapper and fitness guru are comparable to the incomes of such Russian pop stars as Igor Krutoy, Philip Kirkorov, Grigory Leps and others.


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