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Oxana Samoylova took off her wedding ring


After a family scandal, 31-year-old oxana samoylova decided to return to her previous lifestyle and devote herself to children. The star is trying to do everything so that the kids do not suffer because of the current situation.

The family of 34-year-old Dzhigan returned from Miami to Russia over the weekend. In the United States, the couple quarreled over the rapper's inappropriate behavior. The musician underwent treatment in a rehab, but his fans doubt that it gave a result.

samoylova oxana with her son,

The spouses do not tell if they managed to make peace and solve family problems. Oxana said that now she thinks only about children and tries to live the life they are used to. Today, a mother of many children published a touching picture with her newborn son David and made it clear that she had not forgiven her husband. FB VK OK

Samoylova oxana posed in a sports crop top and leggings. After giving birth, only a month has passed, and the instadiva is already showing a gorgeous figure. It's hard to believe that she recently gave birth to her fourth child. The absence of a wedding ring on the star's ring finger is also striking

samoylova oxana took off her wedding ring,

Oksana said that after the birth of her long-awaited son, she and her husband should have been as happy as possible, but now this is the worst month in her life. Daughters support their mother and cheer her up.

samoylova oxana with children,

After returning from the United States, Dzhigan and Oksana must quarantine at home for two weeks. However, the musician once again demonstrated reckless behavior. The rapper went off to record a new track and then threw a party for friends at his house. While Dzhigan was in rehab, his wife and her son were hospitalized. After a family scandal, instadiva is trying to concentrate on maternal responsibilities.


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