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"She deserves it": Jigan toughtly confessed to Oxana Samoilova


The rapper posted a romantic photo with his wife

A year ago, a couple of Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova were on the verge of divorce. After the birth of his youngest son, the 35-year-old rapper fell into scandalous situations, abused alcohol and became interested in illegal substances. The artist had to go to rehab, after which his life improved.

Now the father of many children, as before, travels with his family to the picturesque resorts, and Oksana continues to arrange cute photo shoots in the family look style. However, this time Djigan shared a touching picture on Instagram.

The rapper has posted a romantic photo taken during a trip to Dubai. He posed with his wife in the desert. Samoilova tried on a luxurious scarlet dress with a very long train and a revealing neckline. Jigan raised his beloved in his arms and passionately hugged her. He looked tenderly at Oksana, and she smiled back at him. "I love you!" - wrote the musician.


Fans were delighted with the fresh publication. Many people know how Jigan relates to such filming. He does not like posing for photographers and most often publishes on the Web only his own selfies or funny photos with children. The confession of feelings to Oksana was a real surprise for the followers.

“What a recognition”, “Well done! Carry on your love further "," Well, of course! Gorgeous woman "," It's a sin not to love such a wife "," What a charm! Never part again "," The best that a man can say to a woman "," A strong woman, there is something to love! "," Finally, the words came out. Well done, say this more often to Oksana, ”the followers said. Photo: @iamgeegun


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