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Sergey Lazarev at Eurovision-2019: song, performance, chances of winning


In 2019 the singer Sergey Lazarev, who was already a delegate of the country at this competition in 2016 will represent Russia at the "Eurovision". Now the Russian singer is preparing a song for performance.

In may, the international song contest "Eurovision-2019"will be held. This time it will take the Israeli city of tel Aviv.

This opportunity the country has received thanks to the victory of Netta Barzilai with the song "Toy" at last year's music contest. Russia at Eurovision 2019 will be represented by singer Sergey Lazarev, who has already participated in the competition in 2016.

Sergey Lazarev at the Eurovision song contest-2019

Rumors about the choice of a candidate who will represent Russia at Eurovision 2019, appeared in early January.

Allegedly, the list of possible candidates included Olga Buzova, Alexander Panayotov, Manizha, Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev and Elena Temnikova. Fans of the group "Leningrad" offered to send to" Eurovision " Shnurov.

Members of the competent jury decided that Sergey Lazarev will go to the song contest from Russia. The producer of the performance will be Russian pop singer and composer Philip Kirkorov.

According to Kirkorov, Lazarev's performance at Eurovision 2019 will help revive Russians ' interest in the competition. He recalled that in 2017 there was no broadcast, and in 2018 Russia did not get to the final with the song of Yulia Samoilova.

"It is such a great artist is able to return interest in the competition," — said Kirkorov in the program "Hello, Andrew!"on TV channel "Russia 1".

A well-known Russian singer is already preparing for the upcoming song contest "Eurovision-2019".

With what song Lazarev will go to" Eurovision " is still unknown. The premiere of the composition should take place in the near future.

While it is announced that the song Lazarev for "Eurovision" Kirkorov wrote in collaboration with the Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos. Lazarev took third place at Eurovision"

"It will be an epic ballad accompanied by a Symphony orchestra, it will be a very large-scale epic work. More can't say. In the near future he will present the song", - commented on the song for" Eurovision " producer Lazareva.

In this case the participant said that the "Eurovision-2019" will make the other Lazarev, which in Europe is still not seen. He stressed that the" Eurovision " in Israel is not going for revenge.

"I will not go for revenge to prove something to someone-no. Here-about music, about the fact that there is still an opportunity to do something good on the stage of "Eurovision",-Lazarev said. He also asked the Russians to wish him good luck.

"Wish me luck, keep your fists for me, cheer, wherever you are! I really need your support, like last time!"- he called his admirers.

Lazarev added that he will do everything possible to win at Eurovision 2019" 

"I want all of us to be realistic and understand that my past performance is another year, other artists, other songs. And the alignment can be completely different. I will do my best to represent the country with dignity", - The

Russians were happy to receive the news that Lazarev will show the country at Eurovision 2019.

"Good luck! We will vote for you, " wrote user _lisa_ra_

"I'm happy to hear from you again!"- supported Lazarev elodie_rogers.

"Serge, sink all in EUROS!!! Europe is very favorably set on your appearance!!! Everyone will vote for you! You are the perfect face of our country!"- said sdilinger.

"You will represent the country with dignity. There's no doubt about that!"- wrote dolnikaa. Sergey Lazarev's performance at Eurovision 2016

At this year's Eurovision Lazarev will represent Russia for the second time. The first-at the song contest in 2016, then his producer was also Kirkorov.

"Eurovision-2016" was held in the Swedish capital in Stockholm. It was attended by 42 countries. Lazarev dedicates the song at the Eurovision song contest to a specific girl

Lazarev's song YOU ARE the ONLY one was written by Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philip Kirkorov. According to the results of the audience voting, which was attended by tens of millions of people around the world, the song got 361 points and took first place. Ten countries, including Ukraine, Germany, Serbia, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Moldova, gave the maximum number of points (12) to the performer from Russia. However, the final result was influenced by the opinion of the professional jury.

As a result, at " Eurovision-2016 "Lazarev with the song YOU ARE the ONLY ONE took third place. However, it still remains an international hit. Lazarev first introduced the song, which will perform at the Eurovision But in addition to the song, Lazarev struck the audience of "Eurovision-2016" by performance, which created the famous Greek Director Fokas Evangelinos.

During the performance of the singer were used modern technology. The main one is Video mapping technology or 3D projection on the physical object of the environment. Lazarev announced that he will go to " Eurovision-2016" With the help of this technology Lazarev was inside the optical illusion, was able to walk on it and even influence it. Sergey's fans have repeatedly wondered how Lazarev's unique performance for the song at Eurovision 2016 was created? Some even put forward their versions.

Biography of Sergey Lazarev: from gymnast to singer

Sergey Lazarev was born on April 1, 1983 in Moscow.

His parents, Vyacheslav and Valentina Lazareva, graduated from the aviation Institute. At the same time Lazarev Sr. played the guitar, was the soloist of the ensemble.

When the future artist was two years old, his parents divorced. His mother raised Sergei and his brother Paul alone. 

In childhood Lazarev went in for sport gymnastics. He even participated in competitions and won them.

Nevertheless, Lazarev's heart always belonged to music. From 9 to 11 years he sang in the ensemble named after Vladimir Loktev and played in the theater of Boris Pokrovsky.

In 1995, Sergey became a member of the children's ensemble "fidget", which included participation in well-known television programs and festivals. He also starred in "Yeralash". Julia Samoylova: Russia on "the Eurovision-2019" should be Manizha

The performer graduated from Moscow school №1061, where the Museum dedicated to him is now open.

In 1999 Lazarev became a student of the theatre University-Moscow art theatre school, where he graduated in 2003.

Lazarev's personal life is shrouded in mystery. The most discussed was his affair with TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva. The couple began Dating in 2008. Many predicted their wedding.

Nevertheless, the affair lasted a few years - in 2012 Lazarev and Kudryavtseva broke up. Now they are friends.

In 2014 Lazarev's son Nikita was born. The artist managed to hide the child for two years. The name of the boy's mother is still unknown.

Lazarev's Career

Lazarev's musical career began in 2000. together with Vlad Topalov, a colleague in "Fidgets", he created the group Smash!! The guys had the idea of their own team for a long time, but they began to realize the dream  after the proposal of Vlad's mother to record an Aria from the musical Notre-Dame de Paris on the birthday of Topalov senior.

In 2002, Smash!! presented the first video for the song Should have loved you more, which was filmed in Thailand. At the same time the team won the competition of young performers "New wave" in Jurmala.

In March 2003 Lazarev and Topalov released their first album Freeway. It became popular in Russia, CIS countries and Southeast Asia. The album was recognized as platinum and reissued twice.

Later Smash!! received the Muz-TV award in the categories "Breakthrough of the year"and" Best European sound". The group applied for participation in Eurovision-2003 and Eurovision-2004, but was refused. After a year they released their second and latest CD, Smash!! - 2nite.

After the band broke up, and Lazarev started his solo career.

The first soloist fans of the singer saw December 1, 2005. The album Don't Be Fake includes 12 songs.

In 2006 at the MTV Russia Music Awards Lazarev was recognized as the "Best performer". To date, Lazarev has released six solo albums-Don't Be Fake, TV Show (2007), Electric Touch (2010), "Lazarev."(2012, became the best-selling in Russia)," in epicentre " (2017) and The oNe (2018).

In addition, Sergei Lazarev performs in theatres and in films and has taken part in various TV shows.

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