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Robbie Williams: "I'm ready to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest!"

The British musician turned out to be a fan of the song contest and even a fan of Sergey Lazarev.

Robbie Williams is sure: he will be able to win! It seems that Russia has another worthy candidate for Eurovision. British singer Robie Williams said that he is ready to represent Russia at the European song contest. Robbie told about his desire to compete for the honor of Russia at the music competition on the air of the program "Let them talk". When TV presenter Malakhov told that the Russians consider Eurovision to be the Olympic Games in music, Robbie admitted that he loves Eurovision and even watched Sergey Lazarev's performance at the contest in Sweden last year.

"I love Eurovision, - the musician said. - This is a colorful, grandiose show. I would like to represent Russia at Eurovision. Now I just said it so simply, and my manager already grabbed his head. But I would like to represent Russia. Come on, Russia, we can win!

According to Williams, he watched the last year's "Eurovision" with great interest. And the performance of Sergey Lazarev seemed very interesting to him.

"I even wanted to borrow the idea for my show," - the British musician admitted.

Robbie surely would succeed at Eurovision. And although the recent video of Williams "Party Like A Russian" caused heated controversy amongst social media users (as many don't like the appeal to have fun as Russian oligarchs), the song  became a hit and scored millions views on YouTube.

"I know that Russia is as multifaceted as Britain," Robbie told later in an interview. "The incredible power lies in the character of Russian people, which no one has surpassed." When I come to Russia, I myself feel so courageous. And this is very impressive. I would like to meet with Putin. You know, as they say: if you could make a list of the greatest guests that you could invite to dinner - Vladimir Putin, definitely, one of those with whom I would like to have dinner. " 

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