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Tina Karol spoke frankly about her relationship with Dan Balan



Ukrainian singer Tina Karol on June 17 on the air of "Autoradio Kazakhstan" commented on the statement of the producer of "Voice of the Country" Vladimir Zavadiuk that he invented her romance with the Moldovan artist Dan Balan , with whom the singer occupied coaching chairs on the project, for the sake of the show's ratings.

“When people work with artists, sometimes it seems to them that they are also artists. And in this flair people are forgotten and lose their subordination. We had to defend our name, defend our fans, defend our feelings, together [with Dan Balan]. that the situation settled down and everyone understood everything. What will happen next? This is life. In fact, [we] are two strong personalities, creative units and loners in life. Let's see how fate rules our heart strings, "said the singer.

The artist noted that she is in charge of many processes in her life, except for "matters of the heart".

“Nobody has heard a more specific answer,” she summed up.


  • In the ninth and 10th seasons, Tina Karol and Dan Balan were coaches of the Voice of the Country at 1 + 1. Viewers of the show assumed they were in a romantic relationship, and a fan page for the couple called "Dan Tina" was created on the network .
  • The artists outside the filming of the show did not comment on their relationship and avoided answering direct questions.
  • In May 2021, a video of Zavadyuk's speech was published on the network, during which he stated that the romantic relationship between Tina Karol and Dan Balan was invented by him for the sake of rating. " The story of Dan and Tina, of course, was created synthetically on the 1 + 1 channel. My task as a producer was to make Dan believe that he was interesting to Tina, and Tina - that Dan was interested in her," said then Zavadyuk.
  • Soon after that, he said that he had not chosen the right words and expressed only his vision of the situation , and also apologized to Dan Balan and Tina Karol. “I witnessed a romantic story that unfolded before my eyes during the filming of the Voice of the Country show and on the screens of a multi-million audience of TV viewers. And more than once I said that I noticed sympathy between Tina and Dan,” he stressed.
  • Reacting to the producer's statement, Dan Balan wrote on May 14 that sympathy really arose between him and Tina Karol during the filming of the show , and everything else "was invented by people . "
  • Tinaalso responded to the Zavadyuk's statement, saying that "it is impossible to impose the love" .
  • Dan Balan does not advertise his personal life. Tina Karol was married to producer Eugene Ogir. In 2008, the couple had a son, Benjamin. 



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