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Tina Karol in the past? Dan Balan Spotted Hugging a mystery blonde



Tina Karol in the past? Dan Balan seen with a sexy blonde

The other day, singer Dan Balan celebrated his 41st birthday in the company of close friends and colleagues on the stage, among whom there was only one girl. Since then rumours circulated of an affair between the two of them.


Singer Dan Balan celebrates his birthday / social network Instagram

Published pictures on Instagram show that there is a really close relationship between young people. In the picture, the girl was seen hugging Dan or gently taking root with a glass of champagne.

Create! Love! Be healthy to us! Smile, finish off your enemies! And let the tape recorders burn! Your laws are not written! Daenerys and Your Dragons! - the spectacular blonde congratulated the singer.

Dan Balan and dancer Christina / social network Instagram 


As it turned out, the girl in the photo is a dancer and choreographer from the musician's team. And her name is Svetlana. What is the actual relationship between the singer and the dancer - working or romantic - is not yet known. Balan prefers not to advertise his personal life.

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