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Tina Karol confessed her love to the brown-eyed handsome man, but this is not Dan Balan


:Tina Karol touchingly congratulated a loved one on his birthday 

The famous Ukrainian singer, trainer of the show "Voice of the Country", TV presenter of the project "Dancing with the Stars" Tina Karol loves to delight fans with new pictures on Instagram. And recently in Stories, a celebrity touchingly congratulated her PR manager Pavel Orlov on his birthday - on August 27, the man turned 36 years old.

So, the artist posted a photo of Pavel, where he sits against with a book in his hands and a glass on the floor. The star confessed her love to Orlov and did not spare warm words for him.

It is worth noting that the performer has been romantically linked with Moldovan singer Dan Balan for several years, but there are those who suspect her PR manager of an affair with Tina. Despite this, in an interview, Karol admitted that she and Pavel are close friends who are always ready to come to each other's aid.


Life is a spiral staircase, this day was at the top step for you. You got there. I love you, happy birthday, "PO" Followers did not pass by: "The best", "How cute they are and have even become dear people! ???❤️?".




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