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Dan Balan first commented on the relationship with Tina Karol


Dan Balan first commented on the relationship with Tina Karol on the project

Fans have been following the relationship between Tina Karol and Dan Balan for years. Recently, the producer of the project "Voice of the Country" said that the romance of the artists was just a PR move to raise the ratings of the show. The fans of the project were indignant that they were deceived, because they believed and hoped that there really were feelings between Tina Karol and Dan Balan. The first to comment on the situation was the Moldovan singer.

On his Instagram page, he published a post in which he told what he really felt for his colleague.

Guys, what's the deception then? We have never declared any connection between us, except for a friendly ... - Dan wrote on the Web. - It was a sincere sympathy ... and then people thought out themselves, invented themselves .. and decided themselves that there was some kind of deception ... story "..he meant that initially he came up with the idea that it would be good for the show if we had a" romantic connection "and pushed us to do it ... but in the end, in fact, it turned out to be sincere sympathy. .. what everyone noticed on the air .. without any deception ...


Many of Balan's followers still remained unconvinced and asked the artists not to lie to themselves:

"That is, two years of playing romance, stories about breakfasts and supporting fans in the belief that there is love?)

Dan, don't lie to yourself. You wanted to hyip and attract attention. You saw that you believe, and supported this belief. And they could not even finish it beautifully".

"Dan, you manipulated people. By portraying something that did not exist. You portrayed love, and now you are talking about sympathy."




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