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Luc Besson is carried away by the Russian model Sasha Luss


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The famous director Luc Besson attended the premiere with the model Sasha Luss

The well-known French filmmaker, screenwriter and producer Luc Besson came to Moscow to tell about his new blockbuster "Valerian and the city of thousand planets." He conceived the idea of ​​this picture for almost 20 years, and the shooting itself took place for 7 years.The filmbecame the most expensive French film in history: it costed more than $ 200 million.

The premiere of the film took place at the elite concert hall of Barvikha Luxury Village, where Luc Besson presented it. He appeared not alone, but in an embrace with a fascinating Russian model Sasha Luss.

"Today I want to present with great pride the Russian girl I met two years ago," Luc Besson told us. "She wanted to be in my movie, but she did not have the skills." Then I sent her to the acting courses. She did not abandon this idea, and so I had to shoot her (laughs). I always had the talent to reveal actresses - Natalie Portman, Mila Jovovich, who, as it is known, also with Russian roots. I am very proud to introduce young talent - actress Sasha Luss. She got a small but very important role of extraterrestrial.

Sasha herself chose a very intriguing outfit for the premiere: she "forgot" to put on underwear. The model in the film spent only a couple of minutes, but with the director, judging by everything, she spends much more time. So, Luc refused to be photographed without Sasha, and the newly-made actress, took advantage of the moment and introduced Besson to her father. Luc and Sasha left the premier in the same car. While it is difficult to say something for certain, but we recall his habit to marry Russian actresses, including unforgettable Milla Jovovich.

In the new film, the director paid attention to Russia, "pulling" the topic with sanctions. - Now in the world it's hard to be together. This film is about humanity. This is a great message with a deep subtext, "Besson noted. - I really love Russia, and therefore, I want to reveal to you a secret that has not yet been told to anyone. I plan to start shooting the next project in Russia, because I really love you.

Among the guests were seen Vyacheslav Manucharov, Svetlana Kamynina, Mariana Spivak, Alexei Rozin, Anna Kotova, Irina Chesnokova and others. But the singer Rihanna, who performed a very bright role in the film, unfortunately, did not honor the Moscow premiere with her presence.

Luc Besson not only presented the film, but also watched the reaction of the hall all evening, and afterwards even answered a couple of questions from the audience. He greeted his public, signing autographs, but he refused to make joint photos, motivating it with a strange phrase "Photo kills me", and photographers were asked to shut off the camera's flash.

We hope that nothing terrible with the health of an eminent director happens. In any case, Luc Besson promised to rest for a week, and then take up a new project, which is very encouraging.



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