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Milos Bikovich started love affair with actress Aglaya Tarasova

Milos Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova

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After separation with model Sasha Luss, Milos Bikovich spent the evening with actress Aglaya Tarasova

22-year-old daughter of actress Kseniya Rappoport - Aglaya Tarasova left the party holding hands with the former lover of supermodel Sasha Luss.

Actors Aglaya Tarasova and Ilya Glinnikov had a lot of fans following their every move - but one of the most loved couples from “Internes” series broke up. Young people have been on and off, giving new reasons for the rumors. However, Glinnikov and Tarasova were reluctant to comment on their relationship. Another reason to talk about breaking of the most beautiful pair of Russian cinema was showing up of the daughter of Kseniya Rappoport with Serbian actor, former lover of Russian supermodel Sasha Luss - Milos Bikovich.

Milos Bikovich and Sasha Luss


22-year-old Aglaya and 28-year-old star of "Sunstroke" and "Duhless 2" were seen in each other's company at The Hollywood Reporter magazine white party. Young people tried not to attract the attention of colleagues and journalists and didn’t show any feelings in public. Just after midnight, when the party was coming to an end, the actor allowed himself to show tenderness to the companion and took Aglaya's hand to go with her to the limo. It is noteworthy that the couple was accompanied by the ex-husband of Aglaya’s mother - 35-year-old actor Yuri Kolokolnikov.

Milos Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova


Recall that in the spring of this year, the Serbian actor Milos Bikovich broke up with 24-year-old Russian supermodel Sasha Luss after several months of relationship. It is known that they met on the set of the joint project. The reason for separation was the new affair of the girl.

Aglaya Tarasova


Milos Bikovich


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