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Milos Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova: Inside Their Love Story

Milos Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova


Actors Milos Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova together more than a year, but they did not advertise their relationship for a long time. Having met on the set of the movie "Ice", Milos and Aglaya brought love off the screen into the real life and now for the first time agreed to tell their common story.

In modern Russian reality Milosh is a welcome guest at festivals and secular premiers, he found friends in Moscow and, most importantly, met love - on the set of melodrama "Ice" met actress Aglaya Tarasova. They played famous skaters, in love with each other; love in the film has become a love in life. It happens, and everyone has different ways. So Aglaya and Milosh have their own, special story.

Milosh Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova

Milosh Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova

I did not want to go to the auditions of "Ice" at first, I thought: well, what kind of figure skater am I - says Aglaya, for whom this role was the first experience in a big movie. The daughter of the actress Ksenia Rappoport from the very beginning had to prove that she got a job not through her parents. 

Of course, I'm older and working more, "says Milos," but Aglaya impressed me: she catches everything instantly and works on a hunch. Actresses with this ability to adapt are very rare.

Milosh Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova

It's Milos who is now preparing for the castings for future projects.

Milos Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova in the movie "Ice"

Milosh Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova in the filming of HELLO!

They almost  do not talk seriously about themselves, but they can seriously talk about work for hours. "Ice" for these two is a film not only about sports and figure skating, but also about risk, perseverance and overcoming. Before these shootings they did not even know how to skate.

For some reason I was sure that the Russians had the ability to keep on the ice congenital, - says Milos, - but Aglaya quickly destroyed this my illusion on the set.

I watched the performances of Russian figure skaters. What these guys do on the ice is not just a show, but a real art.

Milosh Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova

Milos Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova in the movie "Ice"

Aglaya's training program included not only triple toe-coats and axels, but also a psychological immersion in the role. According to the plot, her heroine is seriously injured and tries hard to return to the ice.

Our producers found a girl in one rehabilitation center who received the same trauma as my heroine, - the actress shares. - I went to her, she showed me how to recover, told me what she felt.

Were there substitutes on the set? Of course. But, the maximalist in the profession, Aglaya "was getting off the bench" despite the cries of the producers and her own fears. So, in the scene where her heroine falls through the ice, the actress herself went to the bottom:

I do not tolerate pressure differences, but I had  a special cargo, which pulled down, sometimes I could't go up between takes ... It was scary. And we filmed it 12 hours!

I remember, during the filming in Sochi, we really wanted to jump from the bungee, "says the actress. "But the producers punished us like little ones: they sent us to the usual rides and said that we can not risk until we finish shooting.

Milosh Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova

Milos Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova in the movie "Ice"

They are really "kids" in some ways: they joke, wink and talk about everything with the ease that arises when two are on the same wavelength. Milos and Aglaya have a healthy carelessness and a desire to live today, as brightly and as richly as possible. They do not feel the difference of mentality and the "difficulty of translation" .

Being a foreigner in Russia is very convenient: you can choose what you understand and what does not, "Milosch says with a serious expression on his face. - For example, I can not remember what it means to "take out the trash." Well, it does not occur to me! The problem is only one: it seems that Aglaya also does not understand the meaning of these words, even though she is Russian.

Aglaya is learning Serbian. For example, he writes down behind Milosh the neologisms and impressions of life he created in Moscow:

I do not understand how we used to do without his speech. Somehow, Milos said "shield from the egg," when he forgot the word "shell". Or "came to be here like this.," changing the expression "how I came to such a life." He says: "Let me take care of you." And recently he first went to a Russian bath, he called me and shouted: "I'm shocked! They beat me with a tree!" 

Milosh Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova

Milosh Bikovich and Aglaya Tarasova

Even the situation "Getting acquainted with the mother of the girl" they turned out to be special: Milos played the lover of Xenia Rappaport in the musical picture "Myths".

At that time, I already knew that Aglaya was Ksenia's daughter, but I still did not fully understand why everyone say name Rappaport low and breathy, "he says. - And then Aglaya and I went to Peterburg to watch "Hamlet" by Lev Dodin, where Xenia plays Gertrude. And she's there ... there's not even a word in Russian to describe it.

Style: Irina Savelieva. Assistant stylist: Olga Tkachenko. Hairstyle: Elena Palova, Wella Professionals. Make-up: Vladimir Kalinchev / Max Factor. We thank "RODINA Grand Hotel & SPA Sochi" for help in organizing the shooting 

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