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Model Sasha Luss and actor Milos Bikovich separated

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23-year-old Russian top model Sasha Luss and Serbian actor Milos Bikovich decided to separate. A few days ago Luss was caught vacationing in Miami in a paparazzi photo. The model was having fun and kissing with the mysterious handsome man. Pictures immediately leaked online and caused a wave of discussions. Sasha received violent comments and charges of treason.

Milos Bikovich explained the whole situation on his Instagram page, where he wrote the following:

"To avoid obscene conclusions about Sasha, I have to write that we broke up some time ago. Photos of Sasha in Miami came out when we were not together. We stayed in a great relationship. Sasha and I do not feel the need to inform the media about every moment of our relationship, but now it is necessary to prevent the wrong conclusions".

Along with the message Bikovich published a nice photo with a former girlfriend.

Sasha Luss and Milos Bikovich met during a joint photo session: they had to kiss for the great shot. The young people liked each other and continued to communicate after work. Later, they started an affair. In January of this year it became known that Bikovich and Sasha Luss together have spent the New Year holidays in Sri Lanka, and in April they posed for photographers at the public events.


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