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The girlfriend of Milos Bikovich revealed the details of the scandalous parting



For about a year, one of the most popular actors, Milos Bikovich (he also received a Russian passport) had been dating Arina Voloshina, the Russian ballroom dancing champion. He practically did not speak about this affair , keeping it a secret. Apparently, from the evil eye.

But it did not help. On Instagram, Voloshina made it quite transparently that the relationship with Milos ended long ago, he forced her to hide it, and also behaved, to put it mildly, like an inconsistent Christian.

- For about a year I did not live my life, since I was in a relationship with Milos Bikovich, - admitted Arina (spelling and punctuation are copyright). - And it was necessary to think purely about his image, reputation (which is the most important for him, but unfortunately, the image on the screen does not correspond to reality). I had the last hope that there was something human in him. But on July 31, everything was completely dispelled. The man behaved very rudely.


Milos Bikovic Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network

Back in April 2021, the media began to report on the romance between the actor and the dancer. But at that time, as it turned out, they were no longer a couple. Arina writes that at that moment she invited Milos to announce the breakup, because they separated. But Bikovich allegedly insisted on the opposite ("It will work against us") - let the press begin to notice them separately, then everything will become obvious.

“That's what I did,” Voloshina explained . - I listened to everything he told me. Today I am not his girlfriend and do not want to be involved in this anymore, so it is easier for me to talk about the situation so that there are no more guesses and questions. To receive negative messages from strangers that they will kill me, to read all sorts of insults - I'm tired.

The egocentrism of this person has gone beyond all boundaries. And those values ​​about which he shouts, he does not know about them, and sees only himself, does not respect time, work, health of other people. Especially when it comes to the close environment. A sense of responsibility and a sense of guilt for him is the most terrible, because it strangles him, at such moments you have to think not about yourself, not about your comfort and not about yourself. Life situations that have developed have revealed a person's true character from all sides.

Followers (or rather, Bikovich's fans ) did not share the girl's suffering. And in fact they made fun of her confession: "Very interesting, but not fucking clear."

“Why wait and hope that something will change? I saw perfectly well that a person will not change. Maybe, after all, Milos is not the reason? You are a beautiful girl, meet the very same one! My opinion has not changed for Milos. He is a great actor and a smart person. We know only a small part of their relationship! " 




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