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The scandal flares up: Milos Bikovich answered his ex-lover, and she accused him of lying



The separation of 33-year-old Serbian actor Milos Bikovich and 24-year-old Russian ballroom dancing champion Arina Voloshina claims to be very scandalous. After the actor's ex-girlfriend said that they broke up after almost a year of relationship due to Bikovich's egocentrism, he decided to share his vision of the situation on Instagram. He hinted that his ex-lover decided in this way to draw attention to her person, telling a lie about their relationship.

When love or friendship ends, each partner can look at the time spent in their own way. I never thought that my time in relationships was wasted, and I have always treated and relate to the girls with whom I was at some point in my life with dignity and respect, even when one of them was telling a lie about me.

Everyone has the right to use the public space at his own discretion - someone shares the details of his personal life, and sometimes dirty linen, someone shares his professional achievements, thus the person becomes popular and "interesting" for the public. This is a matter of personal choice, but also personal taste.

There is a reason why personal life is called personal life, there is also a reason why former partners are exactly former partners. PS I think there are topics that are much more important than my personal life, - he wrote.


Milos Bikovic

We will remind, Voloshina said that they hid their relationship, and when rumors about their romance leaked, she was ready to go to lie about their relationship. Apparently, Bikovich did not want to advertise their affair. She also said that the on-screen image of Bikovich is not true, and his reputation was the most important to him.


Milos Bikovic and Arina Voloshina

After the response of her ex-boyfriend, which obviously hurt her, Arina again spoke in public. She continued to insist on her own, once again noting that Bikovich behaves differently in public than in ordinary life.

It is easy to seem like a noble person. In words. For the cameras. But in order to be truly noble, in ordinary life, with people who love you just like that, and not for films, you need to be him, and not play a role. And nobility is not about inviting an unfamiliar elderly man to a party. It is in daily little things, in attitude, in how much you keep your word, in ethics, after all. Life has shown me once again that activity determines a person. In sports, you are at a glance - as you are. And where the game comes to the fore, there is a complete lie in life. Unfortunately ... God is your judge - she wrote, turning off the ability to comment on her publication.

But Bikovich enlisted the support of fans: they called him a wise man, and Voloshina was condemned for washing her dirty linen in public.


Arina Voloshina 




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