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Alex Sparrow is looking for a girl through social media


Russian artist and actor Alex Sparrow admitted that he is looking for a girl through Instagram. About this writes 32-year-old performer shared a picture with his dog Mozart and wrote that he was looking for a girl "for voluntary joint imprisonment in the house."

"Mozart and I are looking for a girl for voluntary joint imprisonment in the house. Write to direct," wrote Alex.

In a conversation with the portal, Sparrow admitted that he was really looking for a girl via the Internet, because now the whole world has switched to social networking. The artist has already given more than one interview through the camera phone and even arranged a concert on a remote site.

"Several thousand girls from different countries have already written to me in personal messages on Instagram. And I do not see anything strange or unusual in starting communication with a girl through the only available type of communication at the moment," he explained. Alex Sparrow admitted that there is little romance in such an acquaintance, "but time changes and dictates its own rules." 

Fans are sure that Alex will find a girlfriend very quickly. Of course, it was not without hot confessions.

“How I would like to be imprisoned with you!”, “Will Mozart choose?”, “Don’t worry, it will happen very soon”, “Open the borders, fly out on the first flight”, “What a gorgeous offer!” - wrote in the comments.

Recall, the artist now lives in Los Angeles, where he makes a successful career. He recently starred in the new series Space Force with John Malkovich, Steve Carell, and Lisa Kudrow.


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