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What family secret are they hiding from Liza and Harry Galkin?


In a recent interview, Nikita Presnyakov said that the twins do not yet know that they are his uncle and aunt. The son of Christina Orbakaite with Liza and Harry has an excellent relationship: they love to spend a lot of time together, play and communicate. But for them Nikita is just an older brother, like Denis, with whom they sometimes confuse him. Parents are in no hurry to tell that he is their nephew, probably because at their age it will be difficult to explain.


Presnyakov also revealed several unknown character traits of Liza and Harry. It turns out that the boy is attracted to rock music, for example, he loves Linkin Park. And the girl has the character of an actress: she amazes the whole family with her artistry.

Nikita and his wife Alena Krasnova are not planning to have children yet, although they have already discussed this topic and know that sooner or later their family will be replenished.



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In the large family of Alla Pugacheva, everyone reacted very well to the birth of Liza and Harry. But this introduced a little confusion when trying to explain to children who they have relatives on the line of Christina Orbakaite.
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