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Buzova broke up with Dava after the wedding in the Maldives



Olga Buzova announced her breakup with Dava, accusing him of beating.

Olga Buzova announced her breakup with David Manukyan, accusing him of beatings and a derogatory attitude. She recently got married in the Maldives with the blogger, whom the singer now calls "the monster".

On the morning of January 22, singer Olga Buzova published a post on her Instagram in which she unequivocally hinted to part with blogger Dava (David Manukyan). According to the artist, she still loves a man, but he “does terrible things”, leaving no chance of maintaining the relationship.


“We are no more together. I am a free girl. I have to write this so that there are no unnecessary questions, because a person creates terrible and incomprehensible things for me, '' Buzova emphasized. “I beg you not to ask any more questions. Help me survive now. A sister with a stroke, a mother with a grandmother in Lithuania who is fighting cancer. And this is not all that I am going through now. I am grateful to him for the moments of happiness. I loved and love. But! But - this is but, I cannot say out of respect for my love. I have to work in three hours. I know you love me. Help - don't write about him, I'll block everything. And I won't say anything. "

In addition, the singer posted several Instagram stories about the breakup. In particular, she published a screen of correspondence with presumably Dava himself. In dialogue with the blogger, Buzova threatens that he can tell his mother, "what a monster he is."


“Maybe it's time to tell your mom what kind of monster you really are? [What] are you hitting me, spitting in my face? And how do you offend? " - the artist asked him. Buzova later admitted that she did not know if she was doing the right thing in this situation or not. “But I [don't care],” Buzova continued with tears in her eyes. - Yes, it happens. I blocked it. And if you love me, you will too. I feel bad]. I could be wrong, forgive me everyone. But now - so ... "In the comments, the singer was supported by many of her colleagues in show business, including Lolita Milyavskaya, Maria Pogrebnyak, Victoria Bonya, Andrey Malakhov and Leru Tumanova.

"I love you"; "Everything will be fine"; “Your people are always with you”; “It's a pity that a person made a name, money, people on you”; “I love you, my girl,” they encouraged the celebrity. Dava himself, even before the series of posts by Buzovoy, published an appeal to subscribers on social networks, promising "to continue his content, no matter what happens in life." “I am doing my favorite thing, I am now participating in the project (“ Dancing with the Stars ”-“ Gazeta.Ru ”), dancing for you, preparing all these numbers for you to enjoy. <...> We are all adults, and I just hope for your understanding and support, ”the blogger said.


At the same time, Manukyan did not comment on the public accusations of Buzova of assault and her messages about the separation at the time of writing. According to media reports, the relationship between Buzova and Dava began about a year and a half ago. At the beginning of this January, the couple got married in the Maldives. Subsequently, Manukyan confirmed that he and the singer were indeed married. However, some fans reacted to this decision of the stars with misunderstanding, remembering that in the press last year they wrote about the discord in their relationship. Before the romance with the blogger Buzova, she was married to the Russian national team player Dmitry Tarasov. The high-profile divorce of the couple occurred in 2016. Soon after the break, the former member of "House-2" released one of her main hits "Little Halves".



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