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Dmitry Tarasov revealed the real reason for the divorce from Olga Buzova. The footballer told the truth about the marriage with the host of "House-2"


Dmitry Tarasov revealed the unpleasant details of the divorce from Olga Buzova

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Olga Buzova was the second wife of Dmitry Tarasov. The star of "House-2" and the footballer have been married for four years. They divorced with a scandal at the initiative of the athlete. The singing presenter called the betrayal of her beloved man the reason for the breakup. Until recently, Dmitry himself did not comment on parting with the artist. However, he made a confession the other day.

Dmitry Tarasov revealed the unpleasant details of the divorce from Olga Buzova. The footballer confirmed that it was he who initiated the breakup with the singer and does not regret it at all. As the father of many children assured, his new wife Anastasia Kostenko has nothing to do with what happened.

Tarasov and Buzova signed a marriage contract. Tarasov wrote in the document - everything that he buys remains for him. The item about children was not there. At the same time, the star of "House-2" insisted on a wedding, and Dmitry dreamed of heirs.

"I kind of pour out my soul to her about the children, and she told me - I want a wedding. I told her then - well, let's tie the knot, then we'll fly away somewhere. No, I want a wedding, and that's it. Well, I fulfilled my promise," Tarasov told in the next issue of the YouTube show "Alena, damn it!" He noted that he constantly persuaded the singer to give birth to a child. However, according to him, Buzova unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant. There was no question of infertility. Dmitry suspected that in fact, the host of "House-2" did not want to give birth and allegedly could take contraceptives secretly from him.



“She accused me of not being able to have children. They told me that I was absolutely healthy, there could be no question of infertility. She had some minor problems, but we solved them ... Again, it does not work. I did not see, I do not claim, this is not proven, these are my assumptions. The man was taking contraceptives, but I just did not know it. I sent her to my doctor. This doctor, man, told me: "Dim, I see what you want , but I see that she does not want. If she accepts something, you will never know, and I will not know. I just see how girls come to me, cry, roar, ready for anything for the sake of a result. Here I am not like that I see, "" Tarasov said.

The last straw was the question with IVF. “I always said that I would support her in any situation, even if it turns out to be sterile: today technology allows us to do a lot. I suggested that she give birth to a boy and a girl in order to kill two birds with one stone. At first she agreed, and we began to discuss, but soon went She said that one child would be enough for us, and after that she began to ignore the topic altogether, "the man said. Ultimately, it was the artist's unwillingness to have children that put an end to their marriage. Soon Dmitry confessed to his wife that he no longer loved her.

"We had three serious conversations. She definitely remembers our last conversation. I admitted that I no longer love her ... There was a hysteria. He offered to pay her an apartment for six months. He said that this was the end and she would not do anything about it. You can't stop loving in one day. She stopped me. I felt sorry for her. That's all, "Tarasov said.

Almost immediately after breaking up with the singer, but before the official divorce, Dmitry said that he began to receive unambiguous messages from his wife's friends. At first, the athlete decided that this was a provocation set up by Olya, but then he realized that everything was done in all seriousness.

The footballer also noted that he does not hold evil against Buzova either for a scandalous divorce, or for subsequent insinuations in his address. The only thing that Tarasov still cannot remember calmly is the singer's attempts to drag her late father into the scandal. Dmitry noted that it was because of the presenter's dirty messages about his dad that he got angry and took Oli's Mercedes, which he himself gave her. Thus, the athlete admitted, he decided to punish the star, which he now regrets.



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