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Who is Maria Orzul and how is she connected with Artem Dzyuba?


The network gets a scandal around the captain of the Russian national football team Artyom Dzyuba and also TV presenter "Match TV" Maria Orzul. All that is known about this is in the material. 

How it all started

On Saturday, November 7, a video was posted on the Internet in the evening. A video with the captain of the Russian national football team, Artem Dzyuba was leaked to the network. There was a possibility that the video was fake, or it was editing. However, the Baza Telegram channel wrote that the attackers obtained this video by hacking Dzyuba's phone. The video itself is from 2019.

And here is Maria Orzul

In the background of this video, fans recognized the voice of Russian Match TV host Maria Orzul. At one time there was information that they met. "It's strange to me, that is, it's really funny. And what have I to do with it? I don't communicate with this person, I don't know at all. It has nothing to do with me. I have no idea. It's ridiculously simple. We have not communicated for a million years, "Maria Orzul briefly commented on the situation.

What is known about Maria Orzul

The journalist hides her personal life as much as possible. Her year of birth is not even known exactly. Only the date is April 13 in Moscow. Perhaps she was born in 1983.


It is also unknown where she studied. The journalists were unable to find people who studied with her in higher educational institutions. Therefore, there is an assumption that she has no higher education. It is also not fully known about the beginning of her journalistic career. Everyone writes that she started working at the Dynamo bandy club from Moscow. She also supported the football club of the same name. And then she started working as a producer on the international channel "Al-Jazeera". And from there she went to the channel "Russia-2". First as a producer, and then as a journalist in the frame. After that, she even became the host of sports news and programs. In 2017, she moved to the Match TV channel. She still works there.

Personal life

At one time she was married to the head of the directorate of sports programs on the Russia-23 TV channel, Alexander Tashchin. But the couple broke up in July 2015. Subsequently, she was romantically linked with the Russian billiard player Philip Frolov. She has no children.


Relationship with Dzyuba

In March 2015, journalists filmed a short video of Dzyuba kissing an unknown woman in a car. Subsequently, it was possible to establish that this is Maria Orzul. At that time, the footballer was married. A scandal erupted. Fans of the football player accused Orzul of trying to destroy Dzyuba's family. Later it became known that Orzul was divorcing her husband. Whether the romance with Dzyuba was the reason for this is unknown. Orzul did not give any comments regarding this situation. Unlike a football player who did talk to the media. And he said that this relationship made him reconsider his attitude towards the family.

What Orzul is doing now

She continues to work on the Match! Our Football TV channel, where she leads the Betting League column. The journalist continues to hide her personal life as much as possible.


How did this situation affect Dzyuba

Artem Dzyuba immediately felt "people's love" after the video was leaked to the network. He had to close access to his Instagram profile almost immediately.

In addition, Dziuba was deprived of the captain's armband at Zenit. However, he did go to the game against Krasnodar.

But where he will not play is for the Russian national team. After the scandal broke out, the head coach of the national team Cherchesov decided not to call the striker to the matches in November. At the same time, Dzyuba is the captain of the Russian national team.


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