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Vladimir Putin’s watch sold for one million euros

According to the Russian service of the BBC, the auction house Monaco Legends announced the sale of Patek Philippe Triple Complication watch, owned by Vladimir Putin. Lot number 239 went under the hammer for € 1,054 million.

The first day of the Monaco Legends auction was very successful. And not surprising: lot number 239 - Patek Philippe 5208P Triple Complication was sold for € 1 million 54 thousand - the Russian service of the BBC reports. The owner is Mr Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Representatives of the auction house say that the name of the actual owner is listed in the guarantee certificate of the lot in 99.9% of cases.

Владимир Путин

As usual, the Kremlin denies everything. Press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that "the watch had nothing to do with the president." "Absolutely a trick, a marketing move, apparently, very successful," he told reporters. For the first time information about the lot appeared in early June. The description says that Patek Philippe Triple Complication watches in a platinum case with an eternal calendar and a gold dial made to order in a single copy "for an important person as a gift to a man named Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin". The name of the new owner of Putin's watch was kept secret by the auction house.   

The buyer of the watch wished to remain anonymous. A representative of Monaco Legends refused to disclose his name.

Владимир Путин

However, the information about the owner was not indicated in the warranty card. Later, the auction house explained to the publication that the watch really belonged to a man named Vladimir Putin. The organizers of the auction did not indicate any additional information about this person. 

On June 7, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters that reports of the sale of the Russian president's watches at the auction are a fake.

Media: "Putin's watch" went under the hammer for a million euros This was reported by the auction house Monaco Legends.

The company does not disclose the name of the buyer, since he wished to remain anonymous, Russian Air Force Service reports.

Recall, in early July, the television and radio company reported that "an important person bought a man named Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin as a gift" a watch with a platinum case and a gold dial.

In this case, the name of the owner was not indicated in the documents. Later, the auction house said that the owner is Vladimir Putin.

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