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The alleged daughter of Vladimir Putin Luiza Rozova starred in a fashionable lookbook



The alleged daughter of Vladimir Putin Luiza Rozova starred in a fashionable lookbook

Yesterday, a lookbook of a new spring drop by the RomaUvarovDesign brand appeared on the net, the main character of which was one of the most discussed people in recent months - 17-year-old Luiza Rozova (real name - Elizaveta Krivonogih). Recall that the girl is considered by many to be the daughter of Vladimir Putin.

The collection is once again inspired by childhood memories - appeal to retro aesthetics is one of the key features of the corporate identity of designer Roma Uvarov. The new line includes washed denim dresses and overalls, baby doll style dresses, lace collars and toy prints.





The collection definitely resonated with me, and for some reason I felt like a child again. Some kind of 2007 feels like: summer, a grandmother's country house, a tent house, an old reflective beach mat, a swimsuit with small flowers, a pink cotton scarf. With warmth and love I remember this time and these things, and it feels like I touched them on the set, Luiza shared her impressions.





Recall that they started talking about Luiza after the investigation of the publication "Project", which was published at the end of last year. She was named the youngest illegitimate daughter of Putin. The investigation noted the girl's outward resemblance to the head of state, as well as the fact that her mother, an entrepreneur from St. Petersburg, Svetlana Krivonogikh, received luxurious gifts from people close to Putin.

After that, the girl became quite a popular fashion character. So, she has already managed to play a DJ set in one of the Moscow clubs, give several interviews , and also announce the release of a clothing collection. 

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