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Sister of Alina Kabaeva Leysan: what she looks like and what she does?


Alina Kabaeva is the best gymnast on the planet at the beginning of the 21st century: Olympic gold and bronze, 9 wins at the World Cup and 15 at the European Championship.



But all of her victories might not have happened if the people closest to her were not next to Alina: mom, dad and sister Leysan.



In general, the Kabaev family should have had more children: three years after Alina was born, her parents were expecting twins, but one of the girls died in childbirth. Leysan survived, but was very weak.

“When I was returning from school, I thought all the time:“ If only there is no ambulance near our entrance ”. If her temperature rose even slightly, then convulsions began.

Now, thank God, she is healthy. She loves me and sincerely worries, ”recalls Alina. As a child, Leysan, like her older sister, also did rhythmic gymnastics, and also went to fencing. But she didn't want to become an athlete.



As a result, the girl decided to go into the hotel business. At the moment, Leysan Kabaeva is the general director of the real estate agency Reserve-M LLC.


( “Is it hard for Laysan to realize that her sister is a world famous athlete? No, it’s not hard for her. She is only proud of it. In general, she does not really like to advertise that she is Alina Kabaeva's sister. She herself is a very beautiful girl. I think that she will be a good wife, mother, because she is an economic one with us, not like me, ”Alina said in February 2008.



In 2016, Vladimir Putin appointed Leysan Kabaeva as judge of the Almetyevsk City Court. Many then were very surprised (after all, the Olympic champion's sister has no experience in jurisprudence), but the answer turned out to be simple: Kazan Leysan Kabaeva is the second cousin of Alina and Leysan of Moscow.

There was another story with a "funny" mistake: a few years ago, Alina Kabaeva was seen with a little boy, the media counted him for the son of an Olympic champion. But Alina said that the child is her nephew Arseny. In 2016, on the Megasport tribune, Kabaeva was seen with two boys, and Alina was constantly discussing something with one of them. The media again made assumptions about children. Although it is possible, this is the same nephew Arseny.




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