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Vice Miss of Russia Anastasia Reshetova showed off Graff diamond ring for 22 million

The rapper Timati gave Anastasia Reshetovaa ring that looks like it cost a fortune. On the 20th anniversary of Anastasia Reshetova rapper Timati presented her with a diamond ring costing a 270 thousand dollars. Nastya showed off expensive gift from her boyfriend on Instagram. But after some time the picture was removed from the photoblog. We don't know if she decided not to make her social media followers green with envy, or Timati strongly advised her to do it. However, the jewelry dealer, from whom the rapper has bought a present for his girlfriend, said that his clients include such famous people as Timati. Timati himself confrimed that he bought Reshetova ring which is absurdly beautiful, large, and therefore pricey. Currently Timati with his daughter Alice and Anastasia Reshetova are resting in Miami. Although there are no joint pictures on Instagram.

ModelcelebratedBirthday in Miami in the company of 32-year-old boyfriend. The musician spared no expense to make a gift and gave Anastasia Reshetova ring, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Anastasia and Timati are trying not to advertise their relationship. At the weekend the girl turned 20 years old. Timati gave his beloved a ring by The house of Graff, which is considered to be very expensive. Jewelry madof platinum and decorated with rare yellow diamond weighing 36 carats. 

According to experts, the ring can cost from 50 to 300 thousand dollars.

Timati began dating Anastasia Reshetova after breaking up with his wife Alena Shishkova.

Despite the separation, the rapper maintains relationships with former spouse and showers her with expensive gifts. They have a daughter, Alice.


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