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The "Bachelor" winner Daria Klyukina showed off a huge wedding ring

A star of the reality show “The Bachelor” Daria Klyukina a few months ago got an offer from her chosen one, a prominent businessman Vladimir Chopov.

Dasha's groom tries not to appear at public events and even when he appears in the company of Darya, he always remains behind the scenes. But Chopov is not shy of his generosity: Klyukina recently showed a wedding ring received from Vladimir, and it turned out to be very luxurious. Dasha posted picture, in which she is seen with a huge ring with an impressive size diamond. Judging by the photo, she does not even try to hide it. So far, other details of the relationship with Chopov and their future wedding Klyukina does not reveal.

Model Daria Klyukina showed a luxurious wedding ring Engagement with his beloved - Vladimir Chopov - took place in February 

The girl keeps the date of the wedding with a businessman a secret. Dasha has long concealed the fact of the affair with an entrepreneur. According to some reports, they met, even when Klyukina starred in the second season of  “Bachelor” with Egor Kreed, but Dasha does not confirm or deny this version. Vladimir has never appeared in Klukina’s microblogging.

Model Daria Klyukina showed a luxurious wedding ring In early February of this year, it became known that the winner of the show “Bachelor” Daria Klyukina is getting married. However, the choice of the model, contrary to the expectations of the fans, was not the singer Egor Kreed, but the top manager of the largest Russian company, Vladimir Chopov. Dasha showed off a luxurious wedding ring on the selfie. The fans immediately noticed it and began to congratulate Klyukina on the upcoming wedding:

“So, what is this little ring, on the ring finger?”, “Dasha you are so beautiful. Happiness to you ”,“ Dasha has a ring! Hooray!"

The model keeps the date and venue of the wedding in the strictest secrecy, as hides the relationship with Chopov. In contrast to the relationship with Egor Kreed, with whom she had an affair on the project “Bachelor”.




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