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The "Bachelor" winner Daria Klyukina told about feelings for Egor Kreed

“The Bachelor” finale episode aired on Saturday, June 3. The final girls were Daria Klyukina and Victoria Korotkova. 

On the day of the ceremony, Egor was waiting for participants on the roof of a skyscraper in Dubai. The first girl who met him was Vika. Kreed emotionally said goodbye to the girl and thanked her for everything that was between them. Egor's chosen one was Dasha. During the conversation with Kreed, the participant thought that he was saying goodbye to her, but the musician took out the treasured ring and said that he made the right choice.

Images from the video The Bachelor.

Daria Klyukina gave the first interview after winning the show "Bachelor". She told the journalists of the portal about feelings for Egor Kreed, about her popularity and shared her plans for the future. Dasha explained why she came to the project again (Daria Klyukina participated in the fifth season of "Bachelor" with Ilya Glinnikov). According to the girl, she did not have a goal to reach the finals and win: "I followed the feelings. I knew this was the place where you have real feelings. I knew that on this show I can meet a person who will become close to me. "

Klyukina responded to accusations of arrogance: "When you are in love, naturally, you want this to be mutual, you believe in it, you say it. Therefore, it may seem to many that I behaved arrogantly somewhere. But in fact, if any other girl puts herself in my place, then I think that she would behave like that, and was jealous and psychotic. " Note that many participants of the show could not cope with emotions, so they were helped by psychologists.

The winner of the show "Bachelor" admitted that she had feelings for Egor Kreed even before the project began. "I had a liking for Egor before we met. I knew him before the project. There were several such situations when I could meet him, but this did not happen. I saw in the media that Egor would be the new "Bachelor". Maybe it's stupid, but I believe in signs, and I thought, why not, " - the girl shared.

Dasha told what qualities attracted her to Egor: "I like that he stands on his own. That he is kind, responsible. He can empathize and support. "

Klyukina said that she was grateful to the project and Kreed for being able to open up. She told that she started her own channel on YouTube, and in June she plans to take acting courses for the first time. "Before that, I did not study, and I'm not a professional actress," Dasha stressed.





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