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Why The "Bachelor" winner Daria Klyukina doesn't show her husband on social networks?


It is absolutely impossible to meet among the publications of the blogger, model and actress Daria Klyukina photos dedicated to her beloved spouse. Daria does not share joint shots with her husband in the Internet space, since the lovers agreed on this from the very beginning.

“My husband is not a public person, and therefore we agreed right away that the page was only mine. I myself do not want to exhibit, show, prove something, ”said Daria in the“ Theme ”program on RU.TV channel. The girl emphasizes that all this is her personal life, and Daria is glad that the private remains behind the scenes. In general, publicity does not in any way affect Klyukina's personal life, and her husband, says Daria, accepts and understands her beloved.


By the way, like every person, Daria is sometimes annoyed by certain actions and character traits of the people around her, for example, non-punctuality. Previously, Klyukina herself was constantly late by at least fifteen minutes, subsequently suffering from a sense of shame. To cope with this habit, Daria began to get up twenty minutes earlier and pack up faster and soon stopped being late altogether. Now the celebrity really does not like it when others make her wait. At the same time, in conditions of limited time, a blogger may well leave the house without makeup, and then in a matter of minutes paint up his eyebrows while sitting in the car - this is enough for Daria to feel beautiful.




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