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Figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva showed off a diamond ring and unveiled her boyfriend


For a long time, the personal life of figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva was a mystery behind seven seals. Only recently the young sportswoman announced publicly that she was in love, and the press, in turn, found out that the Bulgarian singer Christian Kostov became the chosen one. At the same time, Medvedeva continues to intrigue the public sharing photos on the web with expensive gifts. 

The young champion is interesting to many just as a versatile person and a beautiful girl. The sportswoman often posts on her Instagram sensual photos.

It is logical that Medvedeva's private life arouses special interest among the public. In this case, the athlete herself is not in a hurry to share information about her attachments. It is only known that the figure skater was in love, and this gave her the impetus to work on herself.

Recently she showed off an impressive diamond ring. "What a radiance!" - wrote the athlete, having demonstrated a ring of yellow gold on Instagram.

In addition, Medvedeva recorded another intriguing appeal to the fans: "Perhaps the best thing that happened to me lately!". Fans puzzled over who "this lucky one". However, the figure skater unexpectedly announced to everyone that she had ordered a ring for herself. The fact is that Medvedeva likes to wear "real jewelry."

"I sleep with them, take a shower, train, act," the champion concluded. Recall that according to media reports, Evgenia's chosen one was the Russian-Bulgarian singer Christian Kostov, who gained fame in Russia after participating in the show "Voice: Children."

Despite the tight work schedule for each of them, young people keep in touch "every spare minute".




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