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Alina Zagitova became the most popular figure skater in Russia, beating Medvedeva. Why only now?


In early February, the Moscow Megasport will host a figurine team tournament, with Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva chosen as captains of the national teams. The confrontation, which three years ago completely turned our whole idea of ​​figure skating, is reaching a new level. Why inviting Zagitova and Medvedeva to the team tournament is a cool decision

The past year was different for Alina and Zhenya. If Zagitova announced the suspension of her career, then Zhenya did not officially retire from the sport even after a broken boot at the CHR 2020. Both skaters were supposed to perform at the September test skates, but Alina accepted the offer to become the host of the "Ice Age" and further pushed all kinds of competitions away from herself. Well, after the open skates, Medvedeva returned to Eteri Tutberidze's group - however, she still has not performed.

The day after the announcement of Channel One, a new landmark event took place in the lives of Alina and Zhenya: Zagitova surpassed Medvedev in subscribers and became the most popular acting figure skater in Russia on Instagram (Tatyana Navka has 1.2 million). Of the current Japanese, Marine Honda is still in the top - 871 thousand. We figure out how it happened.


1. Growth in the total number of Instagram users

It will hardly come as a surprise to you that 4-5 years ago millions of people used Instagram less. Medvedeva began to turn into a figure skating star in the 2015/16 season, while Zagitova became famous only two years later. Someone will say that Zhenya had more time to gain an audience - yes, you are right, which is why Medvedeva held the status of the most popular figure skater on the planet for several years. But over the years, the total number of Instagram users grew, for whom Alina's victories are at least newer.

2. "Ice Age"

Quite a predictable fact, but almost the most decisive. Having agreed to the proposal of Channel One, Zagitova began to appear on the screen every week, and in tandem with Alexei Yagudin participated in other ice projects that were broadcast. “What dress will Zagitova wear in the next issue?” Is one of the hottest topics of fall 2020. Thanks to the project, Alina became more active on Instagram, shared moments of filming with pleasure, and began to show her life outside of Khrustalny more often. Her new photos instantly spread across the media and social networks, attracting new followers.

3. Activity on Instagram

We already talked about this in the last paragraph, but let's dwell in more detail. If Alina posts new stories almost every day, Medvedeva, on the contrary, does it with much less frequency. Health problems also contributed to this: Zhenya would not take pictures of her ward every day and film medical procedures (although something did appear). If at the beginning of November there were about 40 thousand followers between Zagitova and Medvedeva, then after the detection of coronavirus in Zhenya (and, as a result, the decrease in activity on Instagram), this difference only decreased every day.

4. Medvedeva closed her Instagram

At some point, Zhenya, being the most popular figure skater in the world, closed her instagram. It is unlikely that it will be possible to accurately record this event, but for at least a couple of days, subscribing to Medvedeva's account can only be done with the approval of the page owner. Whereas Alina's account remains open.

Bonus: these are all hackers


On the eve of the historic event, Medvedeva's account ... was tried to be hacked. We do not know how far the hackers have progressed in achieving their goal, but perhaps this also somehow influenced the final result. Most likely, there are many more reasons. But this does not negate the fact that Alina is currently the most popular acting skater in Russia. Let's see if something changes after the team tournament.

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