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Fire on ice: What is really happening between Danya Milokhin and Evgenia Medvedeva



Danya Milokhin and Evgenia Medvedeva's affair - PR or real feelings? And how did the “hopeless” tiktoker conquer the champion figure skater. Milokhin and Medvedeva at the Ice Age show. Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Now the main highlight of the show is the romance of the impudent youngster-tiktoker Danya Milokhin and the figure skater-champion Zhenya Medvedeva. That's where the real fire on the ice!

From falls to "Hollywood kiss"


In front of the jury and the audience, Milokhin and Medvedeva shared a passionate kiss. Photo: Daniil OPARIN

They recorded the release on December 14, and the audience of the extras could not resist the spoiler: the video, in which Milokhin gently kisses his partner in front of the stunned jury, was leaked in a matter of minutes. “And yet they are dating!” the enthusiastic fans called the romantic footage a "kiss worthy of Hollywood."

They whispered about the “chemistry” between partners from the very first issues, but few believed in the success of a hooligan orphanage with painted nails on ice. So, at the very first performance, Danya plopped onto the ice on a grand scale, dropping the clever Medvedeva at the same time.

- It's not the one who's got to perform with the champion! Yes, he did not hold anything heavier than an iPhone! - the audience took up arms against the blogger.

However, Tiktoker was not hopeless. Moreover, in a couple of issues of Medvelokhina, as they were called in social networks, they unexpectedly broke into the favorites of the project.

So feelings on the ice also developed rapidly: at first, the partners kissed behind a screen in the Romeo and Juliet room, so that only their shadows were visible; then they smacked more boldly through the mask, depicting Spider-Man and his beloved Mary Jane ... And while the fans were wondering if it was love or PR, Milokhin got a tattoo on his leg in the form of a teddy bear on skates. On one of the skates was the inscription "Zheka", and on the bear's stomach - the phrase "I love Danya."


Danya got a tattoo on his leg - a bear cub on skates. Is the hint clear? Photo: Kirill MISHIN

Even Navka blessed

So the newly-made couple became the undisputed favorites of the project: now both the presenters and the jury members Philip Kirkorov and Tatyana Navka are touched by them.

- Danya, you are lucky - you have an amazing partner. And the whole country is jealous of you, Zhenya - you rode on this project with such a cool kid. He is the hero of the generation and the idol of my daughter Alla Victoria, - the king of pop admitted touched.

And even the Olympic champion approved the choice of the skater.

- Zhenya, we are not against Danya, - Navka blessed the embarrassed participants.

However, the couple has long been rocking out of the project. So, Medvedeva, with the light hand of Milokhin, became a millionaire blogger, and now her videos are viral all over TikTok. The figure skater celebrated her 22nd birthday on a grand scale, where Danya became the main guest. "Love Yu, Baby" - so he congratulated the champion.

And Medvedev herself does not hide her feelings for her partner. Here is how she described Milokhin in an interview:

- Round big blue eyes look into your soul. "Come on, teach me how to ride." And somehow he grasps everything so quickly, turned out to be much stronger than it seems. He is so thin and, it would seem, frail, but in fact there is enough strength

ANOTHER OPINION All for the ranking


“He looks thin, but strong,” says Zhenya about his partner. Photo: Daniil OPARIN

Not everyone believes in the sincerity of the Zhenya+Danya project. Like, "Ice Age" received ratings, and Milokhin and Medvedeva - a new audience.

- A love story is always in fashion - take, for example, Buzova and Dava: their romance brought wild popularity to both, - Diana Bicharova, producer of Prokhor Chaliapin's ex-wife Larisa Kopenkina and other infamous characters, is sure. - The people need bread and circuses - who is interested in watching a show in which there is only figure skating? Thanks to Milokhin, Zhenya Medvedeva received a huge number of followers on social networks. And after numerous dubious outings in dresses, he dispelled rumors about his unconventional orientation. Now everyone knows that tiktoker is a 100% straight boy. On the contrary, he will praise that he chose a good girl. By the way, thanks to Danya, a young audience became interested in the project and figure skating in general, which is good news.

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