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Danya Milokhin about Evgenia Medvedeva: “I like her as a girl"



Tiktoker and musician Danya Milokhin spoke about his relationship with two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva, with whom he rides in a pair in the Ice Age show.

- Suspected of having an affair with Eugenia? Well, not really. I really like her, I like her as a girl. I feel very good with her. Even now, I really didn't want to go on this podcast because we have to rehearse.

I sing right with her. "Hello, Zhenechka!" - "Hey!" And we hug like that, and it's just so good. And when we perform, she supports me so cool.

Do you treat her like a sister or you have romantic feelings?

- She's more like a sister, but I understand that she is not a sister. They there can also be romantic feelings. Can't hide. But whether I can say that or not, I don't know.  I'm 19 years old, I try not to worry about it. But sometimes the thought comes over me that someone might feel bad because I like someone.

– Are you afraid to hurt someone by showing attention to someone else?

- Yes. And I haven't even found a way to deal with it. No, I found it - not to date anyone. Don't belong to someone. Because I also feel very strange in a relationship.

I don't want to ####### (have sex) with everyone, I don't want to be like this: "Chicks, fuck bitches!" Sucking with them, dating - no. I just want human feelings. This is the very first love. Love rules the world, dudes!

– You don’t want to give it to only one person and receive it from one person?

- I do not want. You start to notice that you give to one, you receive from one, and you don’t feel cool about it ... I'm not ready.

A friend says to me: “Date Zhenya! You are a very cool couple. She's so awesome." I'm like, "How? It doesn’t work like that - we have love, let’s date!” This is strange. I decided not to bother at all, Milokhin said in the Seryozha and the Microphone podcast.

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