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The daughter of a millionaire Dana Manasir marries an aspiring rapper



The ex-editor-in-chief of Tatler Arian Romanovsky in his telegram channel shared the news that 18-year-old Dana Manasir, daughter of businessman and millionaire Ziyad Manasir and debutante of the Tatler Ball last year, is marrying aspiring rapper Gleb Ilyin.

Gleb Ilyin and Dana Manasir at the Tatler Debutante Ball in 2021

With him, the girl appeared at the Debutante Ball, and already then almost in a wedding dress - a white dress with a fluffy skirt and a Dolce & Gabbana deep neckline. The groom is older than Dana by one year. He is the son of designer and art curator Natalia Valevskaya-Savoretti (by the way, it was she who accompanied Dana to the traditional debutante breakfast before the ball).

Gleb made an offer at the Barvikha Hotel & Spa back in February of this year. They want to get married in the near future, but young people plan to celebrate the wedding in the spring or next fall.

To my tactless question: "Isn't it too early to get married at eighteen?" - Dana replied: "Why not? We live once," wrote Arian Romanovsky.


Dana is the daughter of Ziyad Manasir, founder of the Stroygazconsulting holding, and socialite Victoria Manasir. There is no data on the current state of the businessman, but over the years he has regularly been included in the Forbes list. His last fortune was estimated at $600 million.




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