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The engagement ring of 17-year-old Diana Manasir was estimated at 20 million rubles


It became known that the 17-year-old daughter of the founder of the Stroygazconsulting holding Ziyad Manasir Diana became a bride. The girl was proposed by businessman Rostislav Bagirov, who is six years older than his bride. Diana told about this on Instagram.

The engagement ring of 17-year-old Diana Manasir is estimated at 20 million rubles.

ring-manasir.png journalists found out that the engagement ring of the Graff jewelry brand, which the groom gave to Diana, costs almost 20 million rubles!

Now Diana Manasir spends most of her time in London, where she is studying to be a financier. In England, Diana also graduated from the boarding school Queen Ethelburga's School. The young people have not yet decided where to live after the marriage, but Diana admits that she would like to stay in the UK. Diana Manasir /

The daughters of billionaire Ziyad Manasir made a marriage proposal a few days ago. Recently it became known that the 17-year-old daughter of billionaire Ziyad Manasir from his first marriage Diana is getting married. The girl spoke about this on her page in the social network. Her chosen one, 23-year-old Rostislav Bagirov, invited her to a romantic dinner. He pre-decorated the room with heart-shaped balloons and strewn everything with rose petals.

In this situation, he invited Diana to become his wife and gave her an expensive ring. "I said yes," the billionaire's daughter told fans. She showed photos and videos showing how beautifully decorated the restaurant hall is and a shining engagement ring on her finger. Today it became known that the ring presented to Diana was created by the Graff jewelry brand and costs about 20 million rubles, the Super portal reports . The girl is currently in Moscow, but usually she lives in the UK, where she studies to be a financier. It is not yet known where the young people will decide to live after the wedding. Recall that the father of Diana Ziyad will soon become a dad for the sixth time .

The 51-year-old oligarch is married to Victoria Manasir, who is now 9 months pregnant. The man is already raising three daughters and two sons and is now expecting another boy. His wife is doing well. She is vacationing in Italy, and her rounded belly does not prevent her from arranging outdoor workouts.

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