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Dana Manasir: about her vacation and detox


Wellness programs at Chenot Palace Weggis, contrary to some stereotypes, are suitable and necessary not only for those over forty. After all, health is important at any age. 16-year-old Dana Manasir spent a week at the hotel and shared her impressions with us.

My mother, Victoria Manasir, is a big fan of the Chenot healing method. A few years ago, she started taking me on a detox with her. So I have been familiar with this method for a long time - I visited Palace Merano, where Chenot used to be based, six or seven times, we went there several times a year. Now there is no Chenot in Merano. But there is in Swiss Weggis, right on the shores of Lake Lucerne - in June, a new flagship Chenot hotel opened there. There, my mother and I went shortly after the opening to explore the situation, cleanse the body and relax.

For a week there, I completely rebooted and even got a little tired of resting. Although our program was intense, my mother did not let me relax. We had a lot of physical activity. The place where the hotel is located is very conducive to this: we rode bicycles along the lake, went hiking in the mountains and worked out in the gym. There, by the way, there is Altitude Room - a room with rarefied air, in which all workouts are more effective. This time, unfortunately, I did not have time to work out there, but next time I will definitely.

In addition to sports, every day I went through a number of procedures. Basic - energy massage and hydrotherapy, which includes a bath with essential oils, mud wrap and Charcot shower - every day. Plus, I took additional procedures, both therapeutic and cosmetic: I did cleansing and facial massage, various masks, head massage and much more. I liked it all very much.

Of what else must be mentioned when talking about the hotel and the Chenot method - food. The daily diet is only 850 calories. The first day, of course, is difficult and you want to eat. If you are really very hungry, you can always ask for some extra apple or bread. But in general, you quickly get used to such a diet. Saturation during eating begins to come faster and all tastes become more "clean". Moreover, all the food is really not only balanced and healthy, but also incredibly tasty. Of course, it is more difficult to adhere to such proper nutrition in Moscow. In Chenot in Weggis it comes easier, everything is conducive there. But still, I try not to forget the good habits that were instilled in me there. A week at Chenot Palace Weggis will energize and motivate you for a long time. I will definitely return there. And I will advise my friends, as many of them also try to lead a healthy lifestyle, but have never gone through such wellness detox programs. And Chenot is the best place for such a debut.



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