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Shishkova remembered Timati's cheating with Reshetova, and she shared her version of events


Shishkova remembered Timati's adultery with Reshetova, and she shared her version of events

24-year-old model Anastasia Reshetova and 37-year-old rapper Timati broke up in early September, but Internet users continue to actively discuss the reasons for their breakup. Some followers are even convinced that the gap between Reshetova and Timati is a boomerang for the girl because she once destroyed his family with 27-year-old Alena Shishkova.


Timati and Anastasia Reshetova

Yesterday, one of the followers asked Alena, is it true that Nastya is guilty for her separation from the rapper. In response, Shishkova stated that Reshetova had appeared in her and Timati's life even before the birth of their common daughter Alice:

They already flew together when I was pregnant. But in general - yes, she is not guilty.


Timati and Alena Shishkova with their daughter Alice 

Shishkova's revelation surprised many fans, who immediately attacked Reshetova with criticism and anger: in the comments they began to condemn her for an affair with an unfree man. Nastya decided to answer the accusations against her. The girl said that she had nothing to do with the separation of Timati and Alena, and said that she met the rapper shortly after his birth with Shishkova's daughter.


Anastasia Reshetova and Timati

However, even after that, the stream of criticism against Reshetova did not stop - many began to find confirmation of Nastya's lies, comparing the dates of old pictures of all participants in the love triangle. Then the model decided to explain the situation in detail in the story.

Once the veil has been torn off, although it was not me who started it, then I, perhaps, will clarify the situation a little. I will not allow my reputation to be denigrated with false statements. At the time when I met Timur Ildarovich, Alice was already four months old. We first met in the summer of 2014. He was not in a relationship at that time. I don't know why Alena wrote this. Timur and I told her how it was, and more than once. I am always for justice and could not pass by this, reading caustic attacks in my direction. Perhaps it is high time to close this topic. Leave me alone, - shared her version of what happened Reshetova.


Anastasia Reshetova and Alena Shishkova

Anastasia added that she learned her lesson well and now will never talk about her personal life in public. After that, Reshetova deleted the story, noting with sarcasm that all the publics had already screened her answer and would soon begin to discuss it.

Recall that Anastasia Reshetova and Timati started having affair in 2015: at that time, the rapper barely broke up with Alena Shishkova, who a year before gave birth to their common daughter Alice. At the same time, for several years, Reshetova and Timati continued to keep their romance secret. The couple unveiled the truth only after last summer it became known about Nastya 's pregnancy . In October last year, Nastya and Timati had a son, who was named Ratmir. Recently, the star couple announced their separation - the model said that their union could not stand the test of strength.

In an interview at the end of last year, Alena said that she did not immediately succeed in establishing good relations with Nastya, but over time she became a part of her life . Not long before that, the girls became ambassadors of the cosmetic brand and even starred in one advertising campaign.


Alena Shishkova and Timati with their daughter Alice 


Anastasia Reshetova with her son Ratmir, Timati and his daughter Alisa

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