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How Alena Shishkova's appearance changed before and after plastic surgery




The famous model Alena Shishkova gives the impression of a glamorous, unapproachable beauty. On close acquaintance, it turns out that this is only the first impression, she is simple, friendly. Popularity came to her thanks to social networks and activities in the modeling business.

The girl took part in the Miss Russia, Miss Hope and Miss Dream contests. Attractive appearance helped her to attract attention and take prizes. But over the years, the model has become like a Barbie doll. She denies using the services of plastic surgeons.

But, if you compare what Alena Shishkova looks like before and after plastic surgery, then her words are in doubt.



Alena was born on November 12, 1992 in Tyumen. The girl does not tell about her parents, so there is no information about them. In rare photos with her mother, you can see how similar they are to each other.


The only child loved by the whole family, whom the parents indulged in all their whims. Since childhood, the girl did not know anything about refusal. But this did not spoil her character, but only helped to gain confidence in herself and become stronger.

She grew up as a creative child, was engaged in academic singing, playing the guitar. From childhood, Shishkova knew that she wanted to become a singer. But her plans were not destined to come true. As a teenager, she was invited to appear for a glossy magazine.

She really liked the filming process, and decided that a modeling career is her vocation. Alena began acting for various fashion publications, participating in prestigious beauty contests and winning prizes.

Mom took an active part in her daughter's career. She helped her go through the auditions. Thanks to the support of a loved one, Shishkova was able to achieve success. In the popular Cover Beauty Look contest, she won the Queen's crown. Thanks to the ideal parameters (50 kg with a height of 176 cm), she received recognition at beauty contests and took a worthy place in the modeling business. Cardinal changes in her life took place after participating in Miss Russia 2012. The competition brought her all-Russian recognition.


Alena Shishkova after plastics

Alena Shishkova plastic surgeon: beauty secrets of a famous model Alena Shishkova's plastic surgeon did her best. From a girl with an ordinary Slavic appearance, he made a real sex bomb. To make sure of this, it is enough to look at the photo of the model in his youth and now. Although at that time she was very cute and attractive, but after the surgery, the blonde completely looked like a revived Barbie.


Alena Shishkova, one of the few celebrities who was able to build a successful career without plastics. Excellent external data, hard work and the ability to present herself helped her to attract attention. The Renaissance agency employees noticed the success of the young model and signed a contract with her. From that moment on, Shishkova's career began to grow rapidly. She became the face of Russian and foreign brands. She took part in shows in Moscow and Milan. Her photo on the cover of the men's magazine "Maxim" broke the hearts of many fans. One day she had to hire a security guard to protect her from a pesky fan.

Together with a friend, they opened a beauty salon in 2021. Alena dreamed of it since childhood.

She is invited to shoot a TV show. In 2019, she fought for the gold of the fortress in the extreme show "Fort Boyard". The model still takes part in Fashion shows, travels around the country and gives make-up master classes.



Lip plastic and mammoplasty

After looking at the photos, you can see that Alena Shishkova before the plastic was the owner of beautiful lips, but the girl thought this was not enough. She enlarged her lips, while changing their shape. Luckily for the girl, the lips look very natural and harmonious. But it remains a secret in what ways the girl achieved such excellent results. Her lips do not look vulgar, the celebrity uses only delicate lipstick colors, which makes her look very romantic.


Alena Shishkova made plastic The fans also noticed how much the girl's bust has changed. After the childbirth, Alena Shishkova got breast augmentation. The famous model was not satisfied with how her breasts looked after giving birth, and she boldly went to correct the shortcomings. Now, at every photo shoot, the model proudly demonstrates the changed forms to her fans.

Personal life

The first relationship that is known to the public was with the football player of the Dynamo Kiev club. The acquaintance took place on the Internet. Young people corresponded for a long time, and then the girl decided to give a chance to a promising goalkeeper. Alena often went to Kiev. The relationship did not last long, but fans discussed their relationship for a long time.

In 2012, after participating in "Miss Russia 2012" Among the many fans, the most persistent was the popular rapper Timati. Timati courted her beautifully, took her to the best restaurants in the capital, gave expensive gifts. Soon after they met, the lovers began to live together.

At first, the girl planned to devote herself to the family, and then decided that she needed to develop and not forget about herself. But Alena never received the marriage proposal, despite the birth of their joint daughter Alice in 2014. The couple was able to maintain a good relationship even after breaking up. Timati takes an active part in raising her daughter. They still celebrate important dates and go on a joint vacation.

Shishkova was able to maintain an excellent relationship with Timati's mother, who also takes part in raising her granddaughter.


Later, Alena met with the football player of the Moscow Dynamo Anton Shunin and actor Andrei Chadov.

The beauty of Alena Shishkova - what is the secret

After the birth of the child, the girl got in shape in record time. She regularly works out in the gym, goes to massage. Her favorite is B-flexy. It removes cellulite and fat deposits using rollers. 

Another beauty secret of Shishkova is homemade face and body masks. She advises mixing a tablespoon of oil, 10-15 drops of lemon juice or essential oil, and a little water. Apply the mixture to the body, wrap with plastic wrap and crawl under the blanket for an hour. Wash off with warm water under the shower.


model's face after plastic surgery Photo: Instagram @ missalena.92

Alena's pride is her hair. She uses hair-dye that does not contain ammonia, and regularly uses expensive shampoos and balms. Often rinses with nettle infusion, and smears the ends with castor oil.


Russian model Photo: Instagram @ missalena.92

Plastic surgery

Alena has always tried to look even better. During a relationship with a famous rapper, she became interested in plastic in order to match her lover and look more spectacular. Therefore, Timati's first wife began to do plastic surgery during the period of their relationship. Many fans of the celebrity do not understand this decision, because Alena Shishkova looked good before and after the plastics.


Metamorphoses in the model's appearance occurred after a number of plastic surgeries:

Endoscopic forehead lift. The plastic surgery changed the shape of the eyebrows, which became higher. This confirms the performance of the surgical intervention. This operation is performed in order to remove the overhanging eyelid. The eyes become more open. But this effect can be achieved not only with a scalpel. With the help of injections of the forehead area with botulinum toxin injections by a professional cosmetologist, you can get the same result as after plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty. Changing the shape of the eyebrows was only the beginning on the path of external changes in the model. She decided on rhinoplasty and happily shared the news with followers, as a social network. This is the first plastic that the star has officially confirmed. The operation was successful, and the new shape of the nose did not spoil the appearance of the star. The talented work of the surgeons gave her a neat, natural, perfect nose.

Removal of Bisha lumps. Celebrity cheekbones cause controversy regarding what kind of plastic Shishkova got on her face. One part of the fans believes that the woman resorted to plastic surgery, and the other side claims that these are age-related changes. Young chubby cheeks were replaced by graceful cheekbones. After giving birth, the girl lost a lot of weight and it is possible that the change in the oval of the face is connected with this. But experts say that the girl had an operation. When studying the photo of Shishkova before plastic surgery, it is noticeable that her face was more rounded with chubby cheeks. This is not in line with fashion trends, and the girl turned to plastic surgeons for help. After plastic surgery, the face acquired an aristocratic appearance, angularity and severity. The operation lends skinny by contouring sunken cheeks and sharp cheekbones.

Lip plastics. Naturally beautiful lips have recently increased in volume, noticeably changed in shape. Unlike many other stars, Shishkova's lips did not look vulgar. But maybe the secret is in the color of the lipstick, because Alena uses only light shades.

Mammoplasty. By nature, the girl has a modest bust size. After giving birth she used the services of a surgeon and corrected the shape of the bust. Now she boldly demonstrates beautiful forms in shows and in dresses with a deep neckline or a swimsuit. Plastic surgeries were not enough for Alena, and she decided to decorate her body with 2 tattoos. Attentive fans note the similarities between Shishkova and Megan Fox, whom she admired since childhood. Netizens do not always support the girl's passion for excessive makeup. In their opinion, the unnaturalness makes her look like a zombie.



Another assumption is pregnancy. Perhaps the ex-lover Timati is expecting a child from her new boyfriend. Is that why she has changed so much?


What's with the face of Alena Shishkova-2

The natural state of the body During pregnancy, the hormonal background completely changes. Stagnation of fluid in the body is also possible, in which severe swelling is observed.

There is an assumption that Shishkova has temporary facial swelling associated with her pregnancy. A possible pregnancy is also indicated by a change in clothing style.

Recently, the star is often seen in wide robes and oversized jackets, which, perhaps, hide her growing belly.

Endoscopic forehead lift (lifting)


Alena Shishkova plastic surgeon: beauty secrets of a famous model Specialists in the field of plastic surgery suspect that Shishkova got an endoscopic forehead lift. If you look at the pictures in her youth, you will notice that the eyebrows are located lower than they are now. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to get rid of the folds of skin overhanging the upper eyelid, which appears due to low-set eyebrows. After such an operation, the gaze becomes more open.

Mammoplasty: rumor or truth


Alena Shishkova plastic surgeon: beauty secrets of a famous model At one time, the former lover of Timati seriously alarmed the fans. Rumors appeared in the press that she had an urgent operation. A little later it became known that nothing terrible had happened, and the model went under the surgeons' knife in order to return the "lopsided" chest to its place. Friends of the girl reported that after giving birth, one of the implants moved to the armpit. This was probably due to breastfeeding. The operation to return the "fugitive" to the place was carried out on the same day. Of course, no one argues that Alena's bust has become very large and beautiful. But he is strongly discordant with her slender figure and seems artificial.

Fillers and lumps of Bish


Alena Shishkova plastic surgeon: beauty secrets of a famous model The fact that there was an increase in the cheekbones with fillers can be judged by the dips in the cheek area. But whether Bisha lumps were removed is difficult to answer unequivocally. Maybe the face has changed visually due to the increased cheekbones. In the pictures, it is noticeable that the model has lost a lot of weight and, perhaps, therefore, has changed.




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