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“I was ashamed of my thinness”: Alena Shishkova admitted how she became a top model


The 29-year-old model and blogger said she was insecure. Alena Shishkova suffered from attacks about the "too fragile" figure.

"Vice-Miss Russia - 2012" has recently changed its usual image. She made a choice in favor of long curls. Alena did not wait until her hair grew back, and used extended strands. The titled beauty posed after a beauty transformation.

Former lover Timati was pleased with the result of the stylist's work. “I missed the length. I was able to restore my hair,” she said. Alena Shishkova changed her image Alena Shishkova changed her image

The heroine of the music video Arash One night in Dubai received compliments about her graceful appearance. Fans admired her beauty. However, it turned out that many liked Shishkova's short haircut more.

“The first photo has a very beautiful hairstyle and length!”, “And the bodice is better”, “Beautiful Alena and noble. Blue bloods”, “Super with quads. As if a young student”, “Extensions are no longer in trend. Short and medium length look more stylish”, “Good this way and that. But with a haircut, she is very young, ”the followers commented. Do you like the look of the model? Yes Not

The ex-fiancee of the rapper made frank confessions. She was not always proud of her graceful figure. Moreover, she was very complex. Many called her "skinny".

“I have always received comments in a negative way in a negative way about my thinness. So it was at school, in clothing stores. In 2007, I arrived at the camp, and the same thing began. I remember it was hot, and I went around in pants and a sweater with long sleeves. Mom came and understood everything that I was just ashamed of my thinness, and decided to do something about it. She sent my photos to the magazine - and among all they chose me. I returned and the magazine organized the shoot. This is where it all started, ”shared Alena. She showed a tender picture with her mother Nadezhda. Mother helped Alena Shishkova become a model.


Shishkova said that after the first publication in the gloss, she was invited to other publications. The mother again helped her daughter - she insisted on her participation in the "Image" contest. The young model managed to get into the semi-finals.

“Photographers, various St. Petersburg and Moscow modeling agencies began to pay attention to me. I realized that I was becoming in demand, and I really like all this beginning, ”she said. The star of the catwalks in her youth was shy of thinness.

Alena does not mind if her 7-year-old daughter follows in her footsteps in the future. She called Alice a versatile person who has to find herself. The star is not against the modeling career of 7-year-old Alice.

Blogger revealed beauty secret. She told how she takes care of her skin. “I rub my face with ice cubes, it helps to get rid of morning swelling. Then I use patches and a mask. It's like a morning ritual. Well, I use different facial massagers, ”explained Shishkova.


A native of Tyumen reacted to the news about the affair with 17-year-old Vladislav Tyulpanov. The young man said that he was dating a beauty. Alena made it clear that the brother of TV presenter Milana Tyulpanova wishful thinking .

“Well, of course not,” said the model. 

It turned out that the young politician had been trying to court Alena for a long time. She responded several times to his compliments and heart emojis. He was upset that things did not go beyond flirting. “Romance is dying. I feel it every day!” Vladislav complained. 

Timati in September declassified relations with 19-year-old Kiev model and gymnast Sasha Dony. She was called a copy of Shishkova. The rapper broke up with the beauty. His new chosen one, Valentina Ivanova , was considered "the spitting image of Irina Shayk."


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